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Musings 2009/246

The Glorious Everlasting Church of Jesus Christ
This Church is that led by the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, Vicar of Christ, successor to Peter the Apostle.
This Church was begun by Jesus Christ.
There is absolutely no doubt about this. History shows this to be the case.
The characteristics of The Catholic Church show this to be the case.
Scripture show this to be true.
The Bishops of The Church, successors of the Apostles, show this to be true.
56   2  19  Now therefore you are no more strangers and foreigners; but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and the domestics of God,
56   2  20  Built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone:
56   2  21  In whom all the building, being framed together, groweth up into an holy temple in the Lord.
P (Ephesians)
The great Saints that emerge within The Church in every nation, in every generation, show this to be true.
The teachings of The Church show this to be true.
Even the internal apostates that would destroy The Church, show this to be the case--there have always been Judases.
Upon looking at The Church in the world, we find that

She is indeed, the wonder of the world;
the marvel of all creation.

She is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ

and so, She is
She is God-with-us.

The Catholic Church is in the world, but She is also in Heaven and in Limbo and Purgatory.
The Catholic Church is The Communion of Saints; She is The Church Militant (on earth); The Church Suffering (in Limbo and Purgatory); The Church Triumphant (in Heaven).
What a marvellous Institution is The Church!
There is absolutely nothing to compare with Her in the entire universe.
The Pope and His Magisterium
What a Gift to mankind!
This is the absolute assurance--the Pope teaches Truth; his Magisterium teaches Truth!
The Church is the Treasury of Truth! (61   3  15--Timothy 1)
What a stupendous body of men and women, is this Treasury of Truth, brought together, held together, by Christ Himself and placed in the world for the salvation of all mankind.
Because the Pope is indeed the Vicar of Christ, he is all the more attacked by the forces of evil. The awful armies of deception that inhabit a great part of the earth regard the Pope as their number one enemy. They would undermine the Pope, reduce him to nothing, destroy him, and they would thus destroy
the Chair of Truth.
Catholicism, The Church of Christ, would flounder without him.
Destroy this defender of Truth and mankind is lost to deception.
The Church and Rose Publishing
I had the misfortune to visit this web site, erroneously thinking the site could provide very useful information, because they claimed:

P  Our Mission  To publish and distribute easy-to-use Bible reference material, especially Bible study charts, maps, and time lines. P

I was particularly interested in the site's comparison chart of basic beliefs between Catholic, Methodist and  Baptist.
Unfortunately I was severely disappointed with their deliberately distorted statements of what The Catholic Church believes.
Their first comparison was --
P When was it founded and by whom? (Their answer for our Church was:-) Catholics consider Jesus' disciple Peter (died ca. ad 66) the first pope; Gregory the Great (Pope: ad 540-506) was a key figure in the pope's office. At that time the pope came to be viewed as ruling over the whole church.  P
You don't have to be a genius to see the crude deception in this anti-Catholic statement.
Let me make it clear:- Rose Publishing was stating
how The Catholic Church perceived Herself!!! That is, they were not saying that was their opinion!
Now, I can understand that anti-Catholics might err in such unfortunate statements and so I communicated with Rose Publishing, pointing out that this was NOT what The Church believed at all.
To my surprise I received a reply stating that they would be interested in what the actual facts were. They demanded proof of any suggested change.

I advised them that

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