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Musings 2009/247

Queensland's Surrogacy Bill
Our Australian state of Queensland has passed this awful legislation which, amongst other things, allows homosexual couples to adopt children and to arrange what is called 'altruistic surrogacy'.
ArchBishop John Bathersby mentioned The Church's opposition against homosexual parenting, quoting in the process the Pope's statement that children are better loved and provided for in a normal family.
As I have stated, time and again, homosexuals are malfunctioning human beings, like the rest of us, and, like the rest of us, they need help and guidance from The Almighty.
I can not foster a condemnation for the homosexual just as I can not foster a condemnation for the adulterer. We, all of us, one way or another, are in the same boat.
However, we must foster a distaste for homosexuality just as we do for adultery and other sins against God and mankind.
On the other hand, we most certainly must foster a respect for the normal family unity, father, mother and children. We must protect this unit and see it as it is, the basic building block of the nation, of the world. We must believe the true saying
The Nation is only as strong as the family unit.
In approving homosexual parenting--thus approving a homosexual 'family' - the government is deriding the proper family unit. It undermines the proper family unit.

It betrays the family unit.

I sent the following email to every parliamentarian in the state of Queensland.
P Dear Politician.

Poor old politician!
No longer championing the family! No longer championing the moral code! No longer championing goodness and truth!
Ready to bow to political correctness! to every power-broker that comes along!
Afraid to address the reality of the world situation - the Queensland situation - where the immoral code prevails!
Fearful of losing power at the next election!
What a sad, sad lot you are, now ready to pass this inglorious legislation!
Not caring a hoot about history and how the future will look upon this parliament; upon you.
Ready to be part of a soul-corrupted parliament.
I can't even be bothered appealing to the moral code, written in your heart, now tucked away unseen.
It seems a waste of time mentioning to you the natural law of mankind.

Do your worst and live with it. P
Well, they did their worst, and passed the bill.
Several parliamentarians replied to my email. All personal replies were from those MPs who were against the bill but I received some automatically generated replies from others.
One of the better MPs sent me this email:-
P Sadly the Bill has been passed and I believe we will all rue the day. You would have been ashamed if you had witnessed the Attorney General Cameron Dick and many of the Labor MPs kissing and congratulating each other, I felt physically ill.

Only 2 Labor MPs had the courage to cross the floor. Michael Choi and Margaret Keech. Both spent the debate being ostracised by their Labor colleagues.

I am ashamed to be in this place tonight. P
(Labor is the socialist party in power.)
(Michael Choi, in an email to me, stated that he was
not ostracised by his labor colleagues!! I find this difficult to believe, but that's what he claimed.)
'Christian' Supporters of the bill.
There were local supporters of the awful bill and I have to point to the Catholic Priest, Father Stan Griffiths who seemed happy to report to the regional newspaper The Sunshine Coast Daily--Saturday, February 13, 2010 | PAGE 5-- that he thought homosexual couples would be fine parents.
The modernist Priest obviously does not support The Catholic Church. Nor does he heed Catholic teaching! He obviously has no thought as to his final judgment before God Who brought forth and promoted the natural family unit and condemned homosexuality.
A reply to my email from the Premier's department stated:-
P The legislation was developed after several years of research and consultation by the Queensland Government.It is underpinned by the main principle that the wellbeing and best interests of a child, born as a result of a surrogacy arrangement, both through childhood and the rest of his or her life, are paramount.
The Act seeks to guarantee that the best interests of and wellbeing of the child are protected by ensuring that each child born as a result of a surrogacy arrangement, should enjoy the same legal status and legal parentage, irrespective of the circumstances of birth, or the status of his or her parents, and each child will be raised in a nurturing and supportive environment.
The Act also includes amendments to the
Status of Children Act 1978 to include the female de facto partner of the birth mother as a parent of the child, in circumstances where the birth mother has used fertilisation procedures (including self-insemination) to conceive the child with the consent of her female de facto partner. P

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