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Musings 2010/248

number and has brought the hearts of the great majority of sinners to a point where, on facing imminent death, they will turn to God and be saved.
These requirements are demanded by God's Justice.
We are advised by many that we will face three days of darkness during which the earth will be purified of evil and deception; that the great majority of peoples will be swept into death.
We are advised that the nations will receive warnings.
Indeed, that there will be a mini-judgment when everyone will perceive himself as God perceives him and thus warned

to get his house in order.

It seems to me that, because of the great importance of The Immaculate Conception of The Virgin--being the quintessence of The Eternal-father as well as being the ultimate purpose of His work on earth--this Truth has to be made known

and so, a prerequisite  to the full unfolding
of the new era of The Spirit.

One feels that The Universal Church must first return to a full scale recognition of The Immaculate Conception; and probably The Orthodox, as well; perhaps even, all Christendom?
If I err in this suggestion, then I would have to think that the announcement by The Almighty--the warning that the world faces divine justice--will be by way of a crystal-clear indication of the Truth of The Immaculate Conception.
The world
must recognise The Eternal-father's Work (The Immaculate Conception).
Jesus came to bring Truth--He being Truth-personified--and this, His Father's Work, must not go unrecognised.
In addition--by the recognition of The Father's Work, i.e. The Immaculate Conception--the world must then recognise The Universal Church of Pope Benedict XVI, for She is the Mystical Body of Christ Who has taught the world of Mary's immaculateness.
The Work of The Father and The Work of The Son will then be clearly evident to the whole planet thereby bringing about the full entry of the Spirit's Era and making available to everyone
the new heavens and the new earth--the new Jerusalem.
Either way. I have to think that there will be a large scale, noticeable movement in the world towards acknowledging The Immaculate Conception and The Church of Christ.
A massive movement towards these ends will certainly be a warning that events are close to hand (certainly noticeable by The Mother's Children).
At this moment, I do not perceive any extensive movement towards recognition of The Immaculate Conception or of The Universal Church, although there is, most certainly, a definite movement within The Church away from post-modernism and therefore, towards Truth and Goodness.
I do perceive a greater sanctity in real-Catholics and I feel that this is indeed, a wonderful sign, because real-Catholics are the very Heart of The Church and so, of all humanity.
The Heart of The Church, including Her Hierarchy, the Pope and His Bishops, are most definitely in tune with Truth and with awareness of the proximity of the new Era of Peace.   


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