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Musings 2010/249

The Way I See the Story of Salvation
There was God--Father, Son and Spirit--three Persons--One infinite Being.
The Son eternally issuing from The Father  and The Spirit eternally issuing from Both Father and Son.
The Father is God; The Son is God; The Spirit is God; each totally possessing the One-divinity.
The Father then, can be likened to Eternal-source and Perfect-existence/goodness.
The Son then, can be likened to Eternal-consciousness, Infinite-knowledge/truth.
The Spirit then, can be likened to Eternal-harmony, Infinite-love.
For God
is His Virtues. Thus, Love is God; Truth is God; Goodness is God.
God brought forth creation for His Own sake for the sake of creation; for the sake of creatures.
God brought forth all things
in The Father, through The Son, by The Spirit, for every Work of God is fulfilled by the operation of all Three.
The Father brought forth all things through and for The Son, by The Spirit.
God created a being in His Own Image--an Archangel; only one archangel, three persons, one angelic being, perfectly imitating The Trinity, in creation.
God created the Angels, individuals, having each a person, each possessing a spiritual entity.
The Archangel being the most splendid, powerful and of the greatest power, with beauty, knowledge and harmony superior to all the Angels, assumed the leadership of all creation.
The three persons making the Archangel, were:- Lucifer, Satan and Asmodeus.
The Archangel and Angels were placed in a state of trial to enable them to use their freewill as to whether or not they chose to participate and co-operate with the Divine-will of The Almighty, as God required of them, or to form their own state of being.
The great stature of the Archangel and the Angels, being spiritual beings, was such that any decision made by them, was a permanent decision - unchangeable, infinite.
God created the man, Adam, and then Eve, the woman, each a person having both a spiritual and a physical make-up; each a person, that is, having a soul and a body.
Adam and Eve were also in the image of God, specifically in the image of The Son.
They were placed in the universe where time and space existed; where decisions were not infinite; where decisions for and against God were reversible.
The Archangel, observing the man and the woman, determined that he would be just the right god for them, comparing his own magnificent stature with the inferior stature of man.
He deceived them into refusing obedience to God, thereby declaring himself a pretend-god and the arch-enemy of God, separating himself forever, from God and from God's Kingdom.
In betraying man, and in man's betrayal, the Archangel forced an unbridgeable gap between man and God thereby forcing man to turn to him as their god.
This was an incredible victory for the Archangel, seemingly defeating, forever, The Almighty!!
The Archangel reckoned that mankind was in the same predicament as he, forever an enemy of The Almighty!!
A great multitude of Angels followed the Archangel in his betrayal of God and man.
They thus formed their own kingdom in opposition to The Kingdom of God--

evil and death, where there was
Life and Goodness;
deception and insanity,
where there was
Truth and Reality;
hatred and chaos, where there was
Love and Harmony.

The rebellious angels as well as Adam and Eve--and their descendants--had  degenerated into malfunctioning entities.
God replaced the rebel Archangel with another,
Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, who remained absolutely loyal to his Creator,

becoming the most fabulous
of all of God's creatures,
incomparably reflecting
The Most-holy Trinity.

God The Father's Justice exiled Adam and Eve from their perfect existence in Eden, for in their disobedience they drew upon themselves suffering and death.
This punishment, justly deserved as it surely was,

was also the great means
of drawing God's Mercy
upon mankind.

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