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Musings 2010/249

as well as
from The Universal Church
(the prime result of The Son's
Further, the Era of The Son issues from that of The Father; and the Era of The Spirit out of the Eras of Both Father and The Son.

Further, out of Goodness
(The Father/The Immaculate Conception)
comes Truth
(The Son/The Universal Church)
and out of Goodness and Truth,
comes Love
(The Spirit/The New Heavens and New Earth).

The serpent--the treacherous archangel
The serpent worked against The Holy Trinity, also in three eras; also in three manners.
Against The Father's Era of Goodness the first person of the serpent (perhaps Lucifer) brought evil into the world, spreading it everywhere, causing incredible suffering and death.

Lucifer was thoroughly defeated
when The Immaculate Conception
became a reality
and was permanently secured
in his kingdom of death,
probably at
The Son's Crucifixion.

Against The Son's Era of Truth, the second person of the serpent (perhaps Satan) promoted deception and he was thoroughly defeated with the institution of The Universal Church and likewise, was secured in his kingdom of deception--perhaps at The Church's renewal that is, even now, taking place; She, having been virtually destroyed over the past century--in imitation of The Death and Resurrection of Her Founder.
That leaves Asmodeus to carry out the final battle, in the final era that is now upon the world, lasting hopefully a thousand years; The Era of Love and Harmony, against which he will eventually spread hatred and chaos, finally raising up the anti-christ near the end of this last era.
Jesus The Christ, at that time will personally return to defeat the anti-christ who will then also be dispatched into his kingdom of hatred, ending forever the battle between Good and evil, between Truth and deception, between Love and hatred.
The Loyal-archangel
In this triune battle over the millenniums, the loyal Archangel has been intimately involved on behalf of The Holy Trinity, in defending Goodness, Truth and Love.
The first person of The Archangel, perhaps Gabriel, fought for The Eternal-father; for Goodness; for The Immaculate Conception--and triumphed.
The second person, perhaps Michael, fought for The Eternal-son; for Truth; for The Universal Church--and triumphed.
The third person, leaving Raphael, will fight for The Eternal-spirit; for Love; for the
new Jerusalem--and will also triumph.
Perfect Humility
The loyal Archangel in contributing to the wondrous event of The Immaculate conception, realised this result:- that his own primacy in creation was to be usurped; that The Stature of Mary, being Mother of God, would be even greater then his own stature!!
The incomparable humility of the Archangel can be recognised here; and in his incomprehensible seizure of the Will of God, we perceive his astounding greatness and his stupendous and perfect reflection of God in His Goodness, Truth and Love.
The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Again, there is a triune action in the physical sphere of creation, in the battle between The Living Creation and the death-creation.
Mary, as already mentioned, not only became the perfection Reflection of The Eternal-father, but continues to work in promoting Goodness through Truth, by Love.
Jesus, of course, was Himself, The Second Person of The Holy Trinity, participating in the battle in the physical realm.
And Joseph, reflecting The Eternal-spirit in his espousal of The Virgin and foster-fathering of The Son.
Champions of evil
The serpent also brings forth powerful enemies of God in the physical world, the final enemy being the anti-christ.
Indeed, in every era men and women of evil seem to have dominated the world; seem to have been in control for long periods.
The incredible Gift of freewill to man,

perhaps the greatest
wonder of creation,

is also a powerful incentive to the serpent, for in this knowledge he realises that God will never interfere with man's freewill.
While man has this magnificent freewill, he is always available and open to temptation, so to speak, even to making a decision against his Creator, in favour of the serpent, the destroyer!

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