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Musings 2010/250

P  266.  2) Renounce your corrupt nature and dispositions, no matter how good self-love makes them appear to you.       P
St. Louis de Montfort so clarifies the situation in his TRUE DEVOTION TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN.
And The Catechism of The Catholic Church advises
P 1044 .  Those who are united with Christ will form the community of the redeemed, "the holy city" of God, "the Bride, the wife of the Lamb." [635]

She will not be wounded any longer
by sin, stains,
that destroy or wound
the earthly community. [636] P

That wonderful book Psychological Seduction by William K. Kilpatrick looks into the deceptions of psychology and takes up this issue of 'love yourself' pointing out the dangers involved:-
P  This is the point that some Christians forget. All they see is the similarity: Christianity says we are of great worth, and so does psychology.
From there they jump to the conclusion that Christians could profit from listening to psychology's newer insights about self-love. They think they are doing the Christian world a favour but in fact

they are doing it and themselves
a disservice
by confusing two opposing concepts.

Usually they end up taking a view toward themselves and toward God that owes more to psychology than it does to religion.

They picture God
as an understanding therapist,
who only wants us to come
to love and accept ourselves
for what we are.

Rather than accept such a watered-down view of God, we would do well to remember

T. S. Eliot's image of Christ
as "the wounded surgeon"
who performs radical surgery on us
because what we need is
not a pat on the back
but an operation:
very possibly a heart transplant.  P

He further clarifies the deception of the modernist position on love yourself first:-
P  Should we love ourselves? Yes, we should. But once you remove the Christian rationale for self-love, it is difficult to see on what other grounds it might be based.
If you look at the psychological rationale, you can see how very thin it is. It usually goes like this: "Self-love means accepting yourself as a worthy person because you choose to do so". Or "You exist; you are human. That is all you need. Your worth is determined by you." Or simply, "You are worthy because you say it is so."
These quotes are not manufactured by me; they come from the pen of a psychologist whose books have sold in the millions.
It is heady stuff, to be sure, but what does it mean? One doesn't need any training in logic to see that his reasons are not reasons at all but only a kind of wishful thinking. It's like saying "I am the most brilliant person in the world because I say I am". It proves nothing. 
The next thing to see is that this attitude toward the self

flatly contradicts the Christian one.

The idea that "your worth is determined by you" is about as far from the gospel message as one could travel.

Our Lord's greatest wrath
wasn't directed at obvious sinners
like Mary Magdalene

but at those who were convinced
of their own worth.

And He never asked His disciples
to have self-confidence,
only to have faith in Him
. P

The other modernist deception about forgiving yourself first, is even easier to penetrate.
If God forgives us our betrayals, then that is all that matters. Whether we forgive ourselves is neither here nor there--it is 100% irrelevant.
When we come before the Judgment Seat we will not be able to defend ourselves by saying

You can't condemn me, God,
because I have forgiven myself!

It seems to me that insolence like that would probably result in a deeper place in hell or a longer sentence in Purgatory.
One of the reasons that modernism broadcast the idea of self-forgiveness was to undermine the wonderful Sacrament of Confession.
If Catholics dropped going to Confession they would surely lose their clarity of conscience giving the modernist the opportunity to water down their conscience, proposing that all we have to do is follow our conscience,

neglecting the all-important matter
of having an
informed conscience.

Thus, slowly but surely, modernism thieved the Faith from Catholics reducing them to just another protestant version of Christianity.
In this tragedy, modernism thieved Truth from many sections of Catholicism!!
The awful disasters that resulted can be seen all around the world--rebellion again The Church; easy divorces; family break-up; abortion on demand; euthanasia; homosexual acceptance; criminal activities of every kind; proliferation of satanic sects; multiplication of Christian sects; chaos in every form of society.
Because we were informed that we can follow our uninformed conscience, even to rebelling against our own Faith, the deception of the world in every sphere of activity, including The Universal Church, reduced hundreds of millions of Catholics to simulated-Catholics who in turn brought up the next generation in their own likeness and worse!
The deception of forgiving yourselves as the icon of Christianity even entered the great Catholic Orders of Nuns and Brothers, reducing these once-beautiful Faithful (the envy of the whole world) to the world of travesty and embarrassment and mutiny.

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