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Musings 2010/250

No longer needing the Sacrament of Confession, deceiving themselves in the belief that God loves them as the sinners they are. Even deceiving themselves further in the natural development of thought (proclaimed by modernism to their fault-ridden consciences) that God would never allow hell to exist.
Ah! Ha! Everyone goes to Heaven!
Why bother recognising, acknowledging and appreciating God and His Christ?
The Saints of every generation and of every nation in the past 2,000 years have been mistaken.
Christ's teachings have to be redefined so that hell is forgotten.
This is easy, because the other deception is that there is no Eternal-Truth. The truth is what one believes!
But the great fall-back is
forgive yourself.
The modernists have made a fool of the entire world.
Even a child will tell you that a truth is the truth and if someone disagrees, then he has not got it right!
God exists. If some one says He doesn't, he is wrong.
The Church is the Treasury of Truth. When the modernist said The Church teaches error, what is the simple answer a child would understand?
Easy. The modernist is wrong!
Everywhere you look the deception of
forgiving yourself, has spread far and wide.
The incredibly false idea behind this is that, once having
forgiven yourself, you are free to go out and act as if God has forgiven you, even as you remain in your wretchedness, and teach others to continue also, i.e. to live in their wretchedness.
So, it is YOU who decides what is right and wrong and it is YOU who stands before the world, forgiven and pure and an example for all!!
Sanity prevails
What exquisite delight is it then to hear the Vicar of Christ, point out the falsehood of modernism.
What beauty for the world to have the vicar of Christ proclaiming the magnificence of the Priesthood and the vital necessity of going to regular Confession.
What a light for the world is it, that the Vicar of Christ stand immovable against the false assertion that homosexuality is acceptable in society!
What fruitfulness for the world that the Vicar of Christ points to Truth as vital to Salvation; that Love of God and neighbour is the great Commandment; that Goodness relies on the natural law written in the hearts of all men--the Ten Commandments; that God and His Christ are merciful and every repentant sinner will find forgiveness!
While the world still wallows in every iniquitous disaster, the Vicar of Christ stands at the helm of his Ship sailing the seas, confirming Truth to every nation.
The Vicar of Christ places The Cross of Christ before the nations and his stance is non-negotiable, unrelenting and the Pope stands for the inevitable, total conquest of evil, guaranteed by Christ Himself.
Goodness is prevailing around the world!
Truth is resurrected.
Love results.
For Love comes from Goodness and Truth.
Love does not come from deception or the false conscience. Love does not come out of deceit. Love never results in forgiving yourself, but only in God's forgiveness, absolutely assured in The Sacrament of Confession.
The Real Presence
Another route to hell proposed by the modernists and still proposed by the post-modernists, is the neglect of The Real Presence of Jesus The Christ in the Catholic Eucharist.
What amazing success they have had! Churches dispatching the Tabernacle to a side-room (the
Tabernacle space)!! The Tabernacle space totally ignored by the whole congregation, excepting a hand-full of real-Catholics.
That evil is another disaster that the Vicar of Christ is attending to. He proclaims The Real Presence and demands Catholic recognition of this.
P Particular attention should also be given to Eucharistic adoration, and in every diocese there should be churches or chapels specifically devoted to this purpose.

I ask parishes, seminaries,
religious houses and monasteries
to organize periods
of Eucharistic adoration,
so that all have an opportunity to take part.

Through intense prayer before the real presence of the Lord, you can make             reparation for the sins of abuse that have done so much harm, at the same time imploring the grace of renewed strength and a deeper sense of mission on the part of all bishops, priests, religious and lay             faithful. P  Pastoral Letter of His Holiness Benedict XVI to the Catholics of Ireland
St. Ambrose, On The Mysteries, about the year 387, proclaimed the marvel of the Real Presence which furnishes the substance of eternal life.
P  47. We have proved the sacraments of the Church to be the more ancient, now recognize that they are superior. In very truth it is a marvellous thing that God rained manna on the fathers, and fed them with daily food from heaven; so that it is said, "So man did eat angels' food." (1) But yet all those who ate that food died in the wilderness,

but that food which you receive,
that living Bread
which came down from heaven,
furnishes the substance of eternal life;
and whosoever shall eat of this Bread
shall never die,
and it is the Body of Christ. P

The Universal Church of Benedict XVI has reaffirmed the original dogma of The Apostles, of the Real Presence, confirmed again and again down the centuries. The great Vatican Council Two, probably the greatest Council of all time, reaffirmed other innumerable Church documents, as we observe in GIRM:-
P  3. Moreover, the wondrous mystery of

the Lord's real presence
under the Eucharistic species,
reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council 6
and other documents

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