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Musings 2010/250

of the Church's Magisterium 7
in the same sense
and with the same words
that the Council of Trent had proposed
as a matter of faith, 8

is proclaimed in the celebration of Mass not only by means of the very words of consecration, by which Christ becomes present through transubstantiation, but also by that interior disposition and outward expression of supreme reverence and adoration in which the Eucharistic Liturgy is carried out. P    THE GENERAL INSTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL 2007.
The Australian Prime Minister
In recent days Australians woke up to an event that could easily be called shocking.
Prime Minister Rudd was dumped by what used to be called, a few decades ago, the
faceless men. They were called 'faceless' not because they were unknown but because they were not ALP politicians but ALP power brokers who had a great deal to say on how an ALP government would govern the country.
faceless men became so well documented that the ALP had to get rid of them, especially from the public scene--they had done so much damage to the image of the ALP!
I had thought that they had been put into their place and no longer dominated the ALP politicians.
The faceless men have re-emerged!
And with, seemingly, even more authority then I had suspected in past disgraces, for they have brought down the Prime Minister!
Now, it is generally known that Prime Minister Rudd was one of the worst in history (one journalist stated that, incredibly, he was probably even
worse then Whitlam!) and that he deserved to be de-throned, just as was Whitlam.
However, Whitlam was dethroned in a lawful manner by the then courageous Governor-general, in accord with Australian legalities.
In the case of Rudd, we find that the
faceless men have done what the Governor-general had done to Whitlam.
The ALP people still hold hatred--even violent hated--for the Governor-general who de-throned Whitlam! What will the ALP people now think about their
faceless men who have done exactly the same thing, but not in accordance with Australian law?
There is no public sign of any hatred. There is no public sign of any repugnance of this astonishing, public treachery within the ALP hierarchical ranks.
While I realise that Rudd was a disaster for Australia I can sympathise with him that his very own comrades brought about his downfall. Had his downfall been brought about by that wonderful leader of the opposition parties, Tony Abbott, Rudd could and would have responded with a resounding condemnation, calling down the gods of justice upon Mr. Abbott forever!!
But not so. His own people undermined him, condemned him, judged him, found him guilty, sentenced him and carried out the sentence!
Instead of pointing the finger at his betrayers and distancing himself from them and their treachery, Rudd avowed loyalty to them and pronounced his intention to continue to aid them for as long as he lived; well for
another twenty-five years, anyway!
I ask the question:- What sort of a party is the Australian Labour Party, the ALP?
I have already answered this in these columns. They are socialists and so condemned by The Catholic Church.
They have held power in every Australian state for some years and have held power in Canberra for the past thirty months or so and I do not have the space in this (or in several editions) to list their awful governance.
Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia
While I abhor the method of Rudd's awful demolition, I still believe that he should have been removed but by lawful means through the Governor-general (as was Whitlam the other worst PM in our history).
Having said that, it is a relief that he is no longer at the Australian helm.
Having said that, it is a frightening prospect to know that the pro-abortion, left-wing politician, Julia Gillard, has taken his place.
Out of the frying pan into the fire, has never been so meaningful a saying.
Sun Herald did an article on Ms Gillard with regard to her work in funding schools around Australia:-

P I'm sure teachers will be too tired by now to think up fresh ways to praise Gillard, after already having to put up signs for Gillard, engrave plaques for Gillard, and hold parties for Gillard, so--ever eager to help--I have downloaded a form of words from the masters of such flattery, North Korea's official "Friendship Association".
Replace the words "Kim Jong
Il" with "Julia Gillard", and bingo: "Comrade Julia Gillard is the genuine leader of the people. She is loyal and dutiful and versed in civil and military affairs. She is a pre-eminent thinker and theoretician, statesman and military strategist, unfailingly loyal to the country and people and very dutiful to her parents." P
It is worth reading the full article!
Australia's Future?
I have stated that Mr. Tony Abbott is an Australian political leader of the highest quality. In fact, I believe he is the best leader a political party in Australia has ever had!
Nevertheless, his party elected him by a majority of one vote and he has many in his own party who would rather another at the Liberal helm.
At the same time it is clear that the Australian Labour Party is now a massive liability to Australia and there is no hope of it becoming anything else!

That is to say,
there is a mighty need
for a new political party in Australia
(and probably around the world)
to bring the world
into a new age of truth,
goodness and love.

There is a mighty need to give the people actual government, not just elect a body of politicians and then have to suffer them until the next election.

No. A new political party
that is directed by the people
from month to month and if necessary,
deposed by the people
without having to wait
for the next election.

With modern technology, this can be accomplished!
Yes. A new political party that is aware of
the natural law given to the hearts of every individual around the world; that is aware that the

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