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Musings 2010/250

family unit is the solid foundation of every society; that we must acknowledge The Creator from whom all Goodness comes; that we must respect what He has created, our neighbours, our world, the creatures of the land, sea and air.
The need for such a party is great--it is desperate.
It is needed NOW.
It is needed to take over government but if that fails it is needed to remove the socialists from every post of power, everywhere.
Socialism around the world has failed--dismally--pathetically.
It has no moral standing. It has replaced the Ten Commandments with a human morality that recognises no God.
Socialism has replaced the Ten Commandments with political correctness and political correctness approves of anything and everything which keeps the population under dominance and servility.
This has been done so craftily and so powerfully, that those who do believe in the Ten Commandments have become the silent majority.
The Silent Majority
These good and fearful people have witnessed the debacle of Gillard deposing Rudd--the fire replacing the frying pan.
What is the reaction on this awful situation?
I predict that the silent majority will realise what has happened--their vote has been absolutely ignored by the socialists.
While it seems to me that Australians have been deceived into putting a socialist party into government, I do think that Australians will say
enough is enough.
If given the opportunity to support a new innovative, truly democratic, God-fearing party, they will do so--at least the majority will.

And so I introduce a new political party
named Family As Base (FAB)

details of which I will place in these columns,, next issue.


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