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Musings 2010/251

Most people would accept that compromise is an excellent solution to many problems.
Give a little--take a little. Talk it out and come to the best solution possible so that all parties survive with dignity.
It is a different matter in the spiritual sphere, where we find innumerable martyrs who would not compromise their faith in The Lord; in The church; in The Sacraments; in the Vicar of Christ and his Magisterium.
They forfeited their lives rather then compromise.
When we look back over the past century, we find that compromise was a key battle cry of the modernist and continues with the post-modernist.
Catholics everywhere were asked to give a little--don't be too rigid. Think of ecumenism and give up just a little of our traditions.
Does it really matter if you stop praying The Rosary? Protestants don't do it and we must reach out to them. Besides it is a very repetitive prayer.
Does it really matter if you put The Holy Eucharist in a side-room? Protestants don't have The Eucharist and we want to show them that we are prepared to go to great lengths to be united with them.
Don't we?
Does it really matter if we disagree with the Pope on some things? After all, not everything he says is qualified as being infallible. Protestants don't have a Vicar of christ and we can't let the Pope stand in the way of unity in all Christendom, can we?
The Barque of Peter
That wonderful Saint, John Bosco, tells us the story of the Pope guiding the great ship, The Church, the Barque of Peter, amidst massive attacks upon it, by ships of every variety which sought to cripple and sink Her
The Barque of Peter found refuge, found Her destination, alongside two great columns rising from the ocean, one portraying The Virgin; the other The Blessed Eucharist.
We have seen that the modernists are only too well aware of the absolute necessity to The Church and to the world, of these three Gifts of God:-
The Pope;
The Virgin;
The Eucharist
How was it that churches, called Catholic, lost sight of these Gifts?
It all began with little compromises.
The patrons of the great Catholic cathedrals, for example, which catered for tens of thousands of tourists annually, felt that the tabernacle should be moved aside, for it contained Something Holy not meant for the tourist guide and his chattering, excited party.
Some pro-modernists, with some authority in The Church, directed that church buildings and their appointments should aim at beauty and simplicity. Drastically limit the statues and the paintings, for they distract the gathering from the central point:-
the leadership space.
Even the Tabernacle was a distraction and so removed away from the leadership space, to that novel idea:- the Tabernacle space.
This cleared up another problem--for 'Catholics' no longer felt obliged to genuflect before the Tabernacle on entering the church. Children were not encouraged to so genuflect although some were encouraged to make a slight bow.
With the removal of the Tabernacle from the church proper, it was somehow thought proper--suddenly--that everyone make this slight bow towards the crucifix!! Children were suddenly directed to make this bow, where previously, they were not required to genuflect towards the Tabernacle.
I notice that the little pious bow now made is directed to the crucifix in the church where it should be directed towards the altar.
Compromise. Compromise.
As we look back over the twentieth century,  we realise that
compromise was not really compromise
but that it was actually
As a result of this massive compromise we find that many, even the majority, of 'Catholics', at least in the Australian state of Queensland, look upon those who say the Holy Rosary as remnants of a by-gone era and a little embarrassing! These religious dinosaurs are the only ones who frequent the Tabernacle Space!!
How quaint!
They still believe that the Pope is infallible!!
Can you believe it!
The remaining modernist leaders who still dominate many--perhaps most--Parishes, are biding their time. They see that these irritant parishioners are mostly aged and they are keen to see them find their
eternal-rest so that the post-modernist parallel-church can come into its glory.
How disappointed they must be, from time to time, to see pop-up in their pews young people even more devout then the
If they are angered to see that some youth have escaped the vile deceptions of modernism, how enraged must they be to become aware that the holy Pontiff, the leader of Christendom, time and again promote the Holy Rosary, adoration of The Sacrament of Sacraments and even expect obedience to his Magisterium!!
I heard one Priest say, with regard to John Paul The Great,
he is radical! Exact words!
A close friend of mine was in the company of another Priest who was not in the least worried that he be known to have

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