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Musings 2010/251

pro-family and anti-family;
strong economy and wastefulness;
pro-natural-law and anti-natural-law.
When it all boils down,
it really is a choice
between a leader
who believes in and follows
the natural law (Mr. Abbott)
and a leader
who nether believes in
nor follows the natural law (Ms. Gillard).
While there is a deliberate and disgusting pro-socialist attitude in the mass media to date, there is a groundswell of opposition--from my observation.
How this ground-swell proceeds up until election date, will be interesting.
There seems to be a strong rejection of Ms Gillard from Protestant sources because she has admitted to not believing in God! The Protestants are quoting Scripture:-
Psalm 14:1a (and Psalm 53) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.....
However, while these people are obviously against Ms. Gillard, they have a problem in that Mr. Abbott is not only Catholic but a real-Catholic.
One person who responded to my opinion poll stated that he gave Ms. Gillard zero points in all matters because of her atheism, but would not admit to giving Mr. Abbott any points, saying
only God can see into the future I will leave it up to Him to score Tony (Abbott) and his Party in every area that you have listed.
He is prepared to condemn Ms Gillard, being an atheist, but will not support Mr. Abbot, being Catholic!!!
Socialism seems to have almost a world-wide control of governments and to a large extent, economics.
One might expect then, that Australia will follow this awful trend. But .
I believe that socialism has had its awful day in history, and its powerful base will shortly disintegrate.
The socialist agendas are against the natural law, and condemned by The Church, and
one can expect a repeat
of history
where evil domination
results in catastrophe
and eventually
Hopefully, the end of socialism around the world will begin in Australia on the 21st. August, next.
New political movements
Looking towards a new era of peace in the world, it becomes obvious that political institutions around the world must change.
It is time that the world is given a democracy that is democracy to the core--that is, government by the people, where the government's duty is to carry out the will of the people.
It is time that the natural law was a centre piece of all legislation and all laws of the nation.
It is time that the family unit,
husband, wife and children,
become FULLY
that which it has always been, PARTIALLY,
the strength of the nation.
It is time that womanhood be raised to the highest pinnacle of society
by way of making motherhood
the most important work of mankind
(and thus raising fatherhood to a similar level).
It is time that Christianity
becomes the strength, the unity,
the purpose, the way, the light
of humanity.
An awful sermon
I was one of the disenchanted portion of a congregation subjected to a sermon by a 'Catholic' Priest who recently spoke on prayer.
He under-laid his sermon by a virtual condemnation of Catholicism of the past, denouncing The Church's constant reminder of the punishment of hell. He would have us believe that The Church, then, based its entire teaching on the fear of hell.
The Church certainly did not leave out the definite existence of hell and its eternal torments, just as She included the delights of Heaven and the happiness on earth to be found in true Faith.
The Priest spoke of The Church's past proposals for prayers that were repetitive, again making it clear how The church was in error.
I have dealt with repetitive prayer previously, herein, and
I just restate that
repetition is not only worthwhile
but is a grand thing.
Repetition gets results.
Repetition is a learning procedure.
Repetition is a wondrous thing.
Each morning when I arise to a new day, I thank God for this new day, but this day is a repetition of the other 25,000

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