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Musings 2010/251

times I have risen to a new day.
During those 25,000 days I have been even more repetitive for I have had about 75,000 meals. Now that is repetitive.
The Priest (I felt) would have liked to denounce The Holy Rosary also, but he did not have that strong a self-destructive sermon in mind.
Instead, he mentioned that there are those who are happy to say The Rosary,
but that does not mean
that everyone needs to say The Rosary!
Thus, while he did not directly denounce The Rosary--which can be said to be very repetitive--he still demeaned it in a sinister way!
The Pope calls Catholics everywhere to pray The Rosary. His Magisterium calls for The Rosary.
Innumerable great Saints and Popes down the centuries beg Catholics to pray The Rosary.
Miracles upon miracles have resulted from this fantastic prayer, second only to The Holy Sacrifice.
But this Priest demeans The Rosary by stating it is a prayer only for some, forgetting (?) to mention that The Church desperately needs Catholics to say this magnificent prayer.
The Priest then also gave The Church another bad mark when he criticised the Daily Prayer--of the Breviary--for Priests. He scorned the old
two-hour long version; patted The Church on the back for reducing it to one hour; then told us The Church had come to its senses with the modern 20 minute version!
I wonder if many modern-day Priests say the Prayer of The Church, now that it is only 20 minutes long?
Having demeaned The Church and denounced Her prayer-life; having given erroneous advise to parishioners, he then continued on, in his capacity as Priest, to the Consecration.
As he said the words of consecration, I thought to myself
How many times has he repeated those words over his life as a Priest?
He is an aged Priest--must be nearly eighty--and so he probably has been a Priest for at least forty years. Presuming he was able to say Holy Mass only four times a week, then he would have repeated those words of Consecration 8,320 times.
Having denounced repetitive prayer
to the congregation he goes on
In front of the congregation
to say repetitive prayer!!!
Desperate need for prayer
At a time when The Church desperately needs prayer from the faithful especially Holy Mass and The Rosary,
here we find a Priest
never mentioning Holy Mass as a prayer,
deriding The Rosary and making fun of the Prayer of The Church!
The Priest, in his deceptive sermon, gave the impression that The Church has become better for Her advancement in these aspects!
By their fruits you will know them.
As this Priest spoke in his usual powerful voice, I wondered about the Catholics of those past decades, when The Rosary was said by all, and I realised--again--that something has gone WRONG since then.
Those Priests of the past who reminded us of hell and the need for Confession, that we ARE sinners, were very successful and a great percentage of Catholics of those past times attended Holy Mass every Sunday--something like 90%.
But today, when our Priests act as if hell and the devil no longer exist, not only have they less then a handful going to Confession but only about 10% of Catholics attend Sunday Mass!
Perhaps Catholics of today are no longer sinners? Perhaps everyone will be going to Heaven, so why worry?
At the same time, the percentage of Catholics who join in The Rosary within the building--that used to be a church--are probably less then 1%!!
BUT, the Priest is full of praise for the advancement of The Church from bygone ages!!!
Indeed, he is NOT full of praise for The Church at all. No, he is full of praise for modernism in The Church which has undermined Her every teaching!!! He is full of praise for the infiltrators of The Church who have undermined The Eternal-Sacrifice, the Holy Rosary and everything Good in The Church!!
Progress of The Universal Church
Vatican Two has redirected The Church into the modern world, whilst changing NOTHING in Her teaching and in Her Character; the very Character of Jesus Christ.
Vatican Two reaffirmed the teachings of The Church--all of them.
Vatican Two confirmed veneration of The Virgin.
While The Church now shows a new face, so to speak, She is exactly the same Church, holding exactly the same beliefs.
To pretend that The Church has been transformed and that Her prayers are no longer necessary or that Her Sacraments are no longer of any worth, or that Her past teachings are of no account, past, present or the future, is a deception of the modernist and has already been proven false, time and time again.
Nevertheless, when The Church rids Herself of modernism--especially modernist-Priests by drawing them back into the fold--She will indeed advance on the wings of Vatican Two which is a turning point in Church history and which will propel The Church into the 21st. Century where She will become the Light for the world.
Wisdom is a created thing.
Wisdom is of men, not of God.
Wisdom is only for those who know not Truth in His Fullness; who know not the future; who must grope through one day without promise of seeing another day.
Yet wisdom in Scripture might be thought of as Divine.
P 25 7 26  For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God's majesty, and the image of his GOODNESS. P Wisdom
On a second reading however, we clearly see that wisdom is not Divine, but only the
brightness or the mirror or the image of Divinity.

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