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Musings 2010/251

Jesus The Christ, being Man, possessed wisdom beyond our comprehension, because He is The very Truth of God and His humanity, in reflecting Truth and so knowledge of the future, possessed wisdom to its fullest.
Yet, Jesus is God, God-made-man and so His wisdom comes out of His Divinity. His wisdom issues from His divinity.
The wisdom of the Book of Wisdom, as quoted, then, is more appropriate to struggling mankind but at the same time, to the pinnacle of mankind in goodness and truth; mankind sanctified before God.
This wisdom of the Book of Wisdom, therefore, refers to the summit of God's realization in His bringing forth of the perfect man.
This perfect man is a woman, the Mother of Jesus The Christ; the Woman of Scripture.
That is why The Universal Church, the Treasury of The Truth, The Mystical Body of Christ, The Kingdom of God, applies these words of the Book of Wisdom to Jesus' Mother.
This is why the Vicar of Christ on earth, the Pope, applies these words to Mary.
The Wisdom of Scripture is The Immaculate Conception
What absolute joy do Christ's disciples of every age feel in their realisation of Mary's Immaculate Conception, she being a mere mortal as they are; yet attaining such grandeur from The Almighty as a premature fruit of Christ's Redemption!
What perfect delight do Mary's children, of every part of the world, feel, knowing that their very own Mother is a delight even to God Himself.
What delight for the seeker of Truth who reads the following:

P 25 7 25 For she is a vapour
of the power of God,
and a certain pure emanation
of the glory of the almighty God:
and therefore no defiled thing
cometh into her. P

The whole of The Living Creation, Christ's Kingdom, leap for pure pleasure that such enchanting words point directly to Jesus' Mother, the very Queen of Heaven.

And do not these words
of the Book of Wisdom,
indicate that The Mother
is The Immaculate Conception
as no defiled thing cometh into her
as well as being that
certain pure emanation of the glory
of the almighty God?

Of course they do!!
Family As Base (FAB)
This new political party formed in Australia is a political movement that hopes to change the face of politics.
FAB is
not a one-purpose party, but has strong views on all matters affecting mankind, all of which affect the family unit.
FAB will move onto the next stage of democracy--
government by the people.
Using electronic communication that enables information from millions to be easily recorded, there is now the possibility that the people are able to decide all the major issues from one situation to another.
In its intention to raise
the family unit to new heights of importance to the nation and the world, FAB proposes that citizens be made totally aware of the full facts of all national deliberations, so that they have the capacity to make reasoned decisions.
To these ends, FAB also intends that
consensus on the natural law (the law of the Creator written in the hearts of man) be established in the nation so that state and religious positions might be established as far as is possible.
In that light, FAB also proposes that a definition of
the dignity of the human being be established, acceptable by the people.
With regard to
political promises, FAB intends that these be fulfilled by politicians and political parties, where failure can lead to loss of representation for the politician and even, the party.
It is further proposed that the
constitution and the legislation of the nation, will be protected, in so far as their interpretation is concerned. The government and/or the people will decide the meaning of clauses in the constitution and legislation.
Motherhood and the work of motherhood, (and so, fatherhood) will be raised to the highest standing in the nation for there is no more important work in the world.
new standard of education will be required where moral fibre, truth and sanity prevail for the future leaders of the family and of the nation.
FAB recognises the
importance of Aboriginal and Islander input into the nation's well being and will set about providing a permanent affluence for these Australians in a set time frame.
Ethnic groups and individuals also provide value and strength for the nation and FAB proposes that this value and strength be fully embraced and supported for the good and the unity of the whole.


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