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Musings 2010/252

being the fulfilment of The Father's Work,
perfectly reflected
The Father
Who is Eternal-goodness.

Thus His Work,
in reflecting Himself,
was perfect
in created goodness;
that is to say, immaculate.

That is to say, the Virgin was immaculate and not only that, but was immaculate at the instant of her conception, for if she was tainted with original sin then she would not perfectly reflect The Eternal-father and indeed, would have been even of a lesser nature then was Eve.
The New-eve was to retrieve the perfection lost by Eve and so was not only immaculate at conception but was immaculate throughout her life and forever for, not only did she reflect Eternal-goodness in her whole being, as The Work of The Father, but she further reflected The Father, in that

Her adored Son issued from The Father in eternity
and issued from
The Mother in creation.

No-one, no Angel, no Saint, so perfectly reflects The Eternal-father, as does The Fullness of Grace, Mother of God.
(Of course, excepting her adored Son, Jesus The Christ.)

Just as The Universal Church
is the Work of The Son,
The Immaculate Conception
is the Work of The Father.

Therefore because Scripture demands that we honour Mary, she being The Work of The Eternal-father,

to bring dishonour upon Mary
is to bring dishonour upon The Father.

The Tabernacle of God
The Old Testament is the forerunner of the New and this is shown in many ways.
For example, the Israel of old becomes the New-Israel, The Church of Christ.
manna from Heaven is a prophecy of The Bread of Heaven, Christ Himself.
The Tabernacle of The Lord of the Old Testament also was a prophecy of the Tabernacle of the New.
P 2 40 32  The cloud covered the tabernacle of the testimony, and the glory of the Lord filled it.
2 40 33 Neither could Moses go into the tabernacle of the covenant, the cloud covering all things and the majesty of the Lord shining, for the cloud had covered all.
The Tabernacle of the Old Testament indicated the Presence of The Almighty and this Presence was a prophecy of the Presence of The Almighty in the New-Israel, The Church of Christ.
In Ezechiel, we further glimpse this fantastic prophecy:-
P 31 37 26  And I will make a covenant of peace with them, it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: and I will establish them, and will multiply them, and will set my sanctuary in the midst of them for ever.
31 37 27  And my
tabernacle shall be with them: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
31 37 28  And the nations shall know that I am the Lord the sanctifier of Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for ever.
We know that The Church, in Her Tabernacles around the world, indeed hold The Real-presence of Jesus The Christ, God-made-man.

However, the original Tabernacle of Jesus
was the holy womb of Mary,
the Fullness of Grace.
In the Womb of Mary
God dwelt,
Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity.

The Israelites of old went to a great deal of effort and expense to build the original Tabernacle, the Architect being God Himself.
That Tabernacle was built by man of the finest gold, gem stones, embroidery, setim wood, and so on, while the Tabernacle that was Mary, was also prepared, spiritually and physically, so that she might become a perfect
sanctuary for The Almighty.
sanctuary was so perfect as to be named O Fullness of Grace.
In this procession, where the
Tabernacle of the Old Testament eventuated into the Tabernacle of Mary's holy womb, we note not only that the new Tabernacle was absolutely immaculate, but that this second Tabernacle is another proof that Mary was the fulfilment of The Father's Work.
As the fulfilment of The Father's Work, we are quite unable to comprehend the complete perfection that The Father bestowed upon Mary but
the Woman clothed with the sun, is an indication.
Ineffabilis Deus--Apostolic Constitution issued by Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1854
The great Pope declared the dogma of The Immaculate Conception, that which was always believed in Christ's Church, and so, bringing delight to all of Her Members, then and forever more. In this superb document he stated:-
P And indeed, illustrious documents of venerable antiquity, of both the Eastern and the Western Church, very forcibly testify that this doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the most Blessed Virgin, which was daily more and more splendidly explained, stated and confirmed by the highest authority, teaching, zeal, knowledge, and wisdom of the Church, and which was disseminated among all peoples and nations of the Catholic world in a marvellous manner --

this doctrine always existed

in the Church as a doctrine that has been received from our ancestors, and that has been stamped with the character of revealed doctrine.
For the Church of Christ, watchful guardian that she is, and defender of the dogmas deposited with her,

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