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Musings 2010/252

remained free of every personal sin her whole life long. P
The Only Way to Salvation
It is absolutely fitting; it is plain common sense; it is so glorious; it is in the fullness of justice and mercy; that The Almighty--having closed Heaven to all humanity, because its treachery--would require that humanity contribute to its own Salvation, by bringing forth a spotless being through whom The Almighty might come into creation Himself, and with Him, bring Salvation, He being the one and only Way to Salvation; and so, bringing a new Harmony between creation and Creator.
How gracious is The Almighty in giving His Eternal-son The Immaculate Conception; and in The Son giving us The Immaculate conception as out Mother.
The Australian Election 2010
It is obvious that almost half of Australians do not comprehend the politics of this nation; that they vote for narrow values.
In voting for the Australian Labor Party or The Greens, for example, they probably thought that these groups would best protect the environment; perhaps have better policies for the worker, etc.
They may have a loyalty vote for the candidate or the party, inherited from a past generation.
What seems to be lacking, is the perception that their vote is actually for the party leader and his/her policies.
The local candidate, in parliament, is merely a finger in the air, voting according to party lines, whether he/she likes it or not; whether the voters like it or not.
In the recent election the leader with moral fibre, Tony Abbott, Liberal, was clearly the candidate for voters who appreciate the natural law, while Julia Gillard, ALP, was clearly the leader without moral fibre and should have attracted only those voters who no longer have, or disregard, the natural law in their hearts.
As the Australian vote was split 50-50 the only possible reason I can think of (aside from the possibility that one half are bereft of moral fibre, which I do not believe at all) is that voters do not appreciate this point that their votes are for the party leader.
It will be a very healthy thing for Australia, that voters become aware of the real value of their votes; that they look past their local candidates and their past loyalties;

that they investigate
the policies of the parties
And the moral fibre of party leaders

and choose the policies and leaders that are best for the Australian family, the Australian worker, the Australian economy and in these matters, seek the highest moral fibre for their leaders in all forms of government.           


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