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The key to the era of peace

Mother of Jesus and so, to support Him in His Work on earth; to share this Work with Him.
The astonishing magnitude of Mary's authority before God and before mankind, is depicted in Revelation 12, where she is shown to be
The Woman clothed with the sun, a glorious sign the like of which is found nowhere else! for no-one else!
Over the centuries The Universal Church has heaped great praise upon the Holy Virgin. Saints and Popes have been elegant in their unlimited devotion to her. Fathers of The Church and renown theologians have been likewise affected by Mary's humility, beauty, courage, obedience and perfect sinlessness.
There seems to no honour that has not been given to Mary, Mother of God and Queen of Heaven.
Yet, it seems to me, that mankind has yet to realise the enormous statue that God has laid upon His Immaculate Conception. For, if Mary is The Immaculate Conception, then that means she is the perfection reflection of The Heavenly-father Who is Eternal-goodness.
This reflection is borne out by the fact that Jesus is the direct Son of Mary in creation and the direct Son of the Heavenly-father in Eternity.
Mary is the supreme pinnacle of The Heavenly-father's Work in creation.
That being so, Mary is to be compared with The Universal Church, the Bridegroom of the Saviour, Which is the pinnacle of The Eternal-son's Work in creation.
Just as the world desperately needs The Universal Church, equally so, does the world need The Immaculate Conception.
The New Era of The Eternal-spirit.
From these facts, we are able to extrapolate some other facts concerning the world's entry into the Era of The Spirit.
If Mary is the resultant Work of The Eternal-father and The Church is the resultant Work of The Eternal-son, then the resultant Work of The Eternal-spirit
must issue from them both:- from The Immaculate Conception and from The Church.
This is so, because this procedure follows the process of The Godhead, where The Spirit issues from both The Father and The Son.
The process of The Godhead has already been paralleled in creation, in so far as the Work of The Son issues from the Work of The Father, i.e. The Church issues from The Immaculate Conception: where in Eternity, The Son issues from The Father.
Therefore for the glory of the Virgin Mary and for our own consolation, we proclaim the Most Blessed Mary


that is to say, of all the people of God, of the faithful as well as of the pastors, who call her the most loving Mother. And we wish that the Mother of God should be still more honoured and invoked by the whole of Christendom through this most sweet title.
This is a title, venerable brothers, not new to Christian piety; it is precisely by this title, in preference to all others, that the faithful and the Church addresses Mary. It truly is part of the genuine substance of devotion to Mary, finding its justification in the very dignity of the Mother of the Word Incarnate.
(Pope Paul VI, before Vatican Two, at the promulgation of the constitution containing the chapter dedicated to Mary.)

This concept - of The Church issuing from The Immaculate Conception -  is logical because the world needs to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate both the Work of The Father and the Work of The Son, not only because Their Works so demand and deserve, but also to enable the world to enter

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