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Musings 2010/253

While this attack concentrated upon The Woman, upon womanhood and motherhood, it also concentrated its war with the rest of her seed:-
P 73 12 16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river, which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
73 12 17 And
the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. P
Thus we observe that the satanic attack was primarily upon
The Woman and then upon the children of The Woman.
That is to say, upon Mary and then, upon The Church,
Who are these children:-
the rest of her seed?

The answer, like all Truth, is very simple:-
the children of The Woman
are those Christians
who claim and honour her as their Mother.

There's nothing simpler then that!
The only children who fully do so, are the real-Catholics around the world, those who follow
Peter, Vicar of Christ and so, have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
We, who are those children, know all too well the attacks upon us even from within The Universal Church and of course, from without.
But if we were so roundly attacked, what of those poor Priests who remained faithful to
The Woman?
The children of
The Woman know very well that the apocalyptic river was directed at these heroic Priests, the most important seed of the woman,  and we are conscious of how they suffered, in every way, not excluding attacks from their brother Priests in The Church!!!!
But, it is a pleasure to read that
the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the river.
One might have thought that God Himself might have saved mankind from the
river, or that He might have sent a great Saint (or many great Saints). But no, it was the earth that saved The Woman.
I do not know what this could mean--
the earth--for this implies that mankind, generally, stood up against the dragon on behalf of The Woman!
Certainly, the real-Catholics of the twentieth century worked together in protection of
The Woman, but I can not perceive that 'the earth' applies to them, alone.
I can perceive however, that the day will come when
The Woman is recognised for who and what she is, that is, Mary, Mother of The Saviour: Mary, The Immaculate Conception.
Then, I can easily perceive that the earth will turn away from the world-wide deceptions--thus rendering them innocuous--and seek and obtain Truth; The Truth found in The Treasury Of The Truth, Catholicism.
For, we must remember,
The Woman of Apocalypse, has a further identification and that is:- The Universal Church.
Mary is our Mother but so is The Church and both may be identified as
The Woman of Apocalypse.
Deception of the Twentieth Century
Future generations will stand flabbergasted at the deceptions of the twentieth century!
Those people will find it incomprehensible that the human race achieved so much in the twentieth century, by way of technical and scientific achievements, but at THE SAME TIME, deceptions swept the world in these same technical and scientific spheres; but also, and in particular, in all religious spheres.
Now doesn't it seem a contradiction where a civilisation advanced so astonishingly in every  sophisticated equipment, but that the people were in an equal, pathetic state of deception?
How was this possible?
Ignorance of The Truth
A recent survey in the USA (refer Catholic Online 29th. September, 2010),  showed an abysmal state of ignorance with regard to Christian/Jewish knowledge; and Catholics were no exception.
In fact, the survey showed that atheists and agnostics were able to answer religious survey questions more accurately then the average believer!!
This, in the most advanced nation in the world!
So, the state of deception in the world would seem to be on a par with the state of ignorance.
This can only mean that deception and ignorance are closely associated.
No surprise, is it?
Even as the world advances astonishingly in every scientific sphere, the greatest number of people advance in ignorance and deception--even more astonishingly.
Thus, we must have, in the world, an elate group of achievers in everything scientific, while the rest of us are mere consumers, knowing nothing of what we use.
So, if some one should tell us that the internet is set up by a system of magical mirrors, we would have to say,
Well, how about that?
Now this ignorance, in religious matters, is even worse, because The Truth as taught by Christ's Church, Catholicism, has become a rarity indeed.
It would seem in fact, that followers of all Christian denominations, are similarly full of ignorance.
And, I would not hesitate to state, this ignorance extends to all religions around the world.
Let's face it: if you are going to spread deception everywhere, you MUST HAVE people who are ignorant of the facts, upon whom you may lay your deception.

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