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Musings 2010/253

You are not going to deceive those
who know the truth;
you can only deceive those
ignorant of the truth.

So, we have elite groups in every sphere of human endeavour, who know what is going on, while the rest of us are simply sheep, following along.
Assuredly, we have elite groups who propagate deception.
Elite groups who ensure that the populace remains in ignorance and confusion.
Others, who spread contradiction and encourage conflicts.
Others, who encourage diabolic fanaticism.
Others, who spread fear in every-day life.
All with the same purpose--keep the masses ignorant and confused and fearful.
What results?
People begin to think that abortion may be a good thing!
That euthanasia may be a good thing!
That moral fibre in politicians is not as important as ensuring I have a wealthy life-style!
That one religions is as good as another!
That the world might be better off without religions!
That the environment and saving the whales, are more important then having a belief in God! Perhaps these take the place of faith in God!
That Truth is no longer important and that one 'truth' is as good as another, as long as you believe it!
Indeed, that there is no such thing as Truth!
That everything changes--today's truth will be replaced by tomorrow's truth!
Common sense.
All these deceptions are obvious!
Certainly, science does not accept that today's truth will be different tomorrow, in their various spheres of work.
They know that a heavy object thrown over a cliff will fall to the surface below!
Every time!
Yes, and the same result will happen tomorrow!
Indeed, most people know that the sun will rise tomorrow and even the next day, as well!
But the clear contradictions do not seem to have deterred the massive spread of deception, everywhere, even as the deceptions are obvious, when using a bit of thought and common sense.
Why then has deception had so much success?
I think the
silent majority has much to do with that.
They have their own problems--high debt and family break-up, They are set-up with two motor cars, two television sets, both parents working--don't annoy them with moral issues!
Don't upset them with other people's problems!
Don't tell them too much--you might upset them!
While on the other side of the world, the
silent majority is living in poverty and disease, often surrounded by wars and strife.
For these and other reasons, the silent
majority wants to be left alone.
The powers-that-be also want to be left alone--to wield ever greater and greater power so that they can weave greater and greater deceptions!
Why would they want to do this?
The answer is, of course, simple:- to keep the silent majority separated from the truth of things. That's what deception is all about!
Naturally, they also want to glorify in their power and wealth--such power and wealth that is beyond our comprehension; never before accomplished in human history.
But, in the long term, the deception is to separate the human race from Truth--The Truth of The Almighty and His Kingdom.
What else could it be?
And in separating humanity from Divine-truth, their final aim can only be:- to guide humanity to hell, diverting it from The Kingdom of The Christ.
Again, what else can it be?
Isn't that what the father-of-lies is all about? Isn't that what the serpent in the Garden of Eden, was all about?
Isn't that what the war between Good and evil is all about?
Of course, it is.
Religious deceivers.
We can easily see that the power-brokers spread deception everywhere, even in every-day things, to create confusion in the minds of the silent majority, so that our confused minds are then open to further and deeper deceptions and thus, to even greater confusion.
The deceptions therefore are compounded one upon another, so that the most tragic deceptions can be spread the more easily to such distracted and uninformed minds:- the appalling deceptions undermining The Almighty and His Saviour and His Universal Church, and the natural law written in the hearts of man!
The fruits of the universal deceptions are family break-up, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and all sorts of

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