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Musings 2010/254

The minds of human beings are marvellous creations by The Almighty.
If a person gets into his mind a certain belief that he holds as 'gospel' how incredibly difficult it is to remove that conviction from him!
Such is human faith, I suppose.
The fact that many base their whole lives, their whole beliefs, their very immortality, on Catholic Scripture (and the Holy Bible is indeed a Catholic collection of books), is a most astonishing thing.
Upon reading the wonderful book by the right Rev. Henry G. Graham, 
Where We Got The Bible; Our Debt to The Catholic Church, one realises the unhappy situation those 'Bible Christians' find themselves.
They have totally accepted that Scripture contains
total Truth and that there is no Truth outside Scripture!
That is their basic faith--all else comes out of that.
Certainly Scripture contains only Truth but just as certain, it does not contain all Truth.
As the Rev. Graham points out, these 'Bible Christians' would be reading the Protestant version of Scripture which has several Books removed therefrom!
On top of that, there are numerous interpretations which can be deceiving.
Not only then, do these 'Bible Christians' use fraudulent versions of sacred, Catholic Scripture, but

they insist on interpreting
for themselves
what The Holy Spirit is saying therein!

On top of these calamities, they make the further incredible blunder of turning a blind eye to anything in Scripture that shows Catholicism to be true or alternatively, go out of their way to find reasons to put a new slant on the passages--even to resurrecting ancient heretical teachings, long proven false.
For example, a non-denominational-denomination Christian brought up the Scriptural passages that suggested that Mary had other children besides Jesus, The Christ.
St. Jerome, seventeen centuries ago, knocked that false thinking on the head and I sent his clear rebuttal of that false Scriptural interpretation, to the Christian.
I was not surprised--at all--that the Christian simply ignored St. Jerome's rebuttal!!!
The 'Bible Christian' further refuses to accept the clear fact that

Scripture is Tradition put into writing!

Yet, this is so obvious!
In fact, the complete and genuine  Books of Sacred Scripture were not classed as one volume for hundreds of years after Christ!
Before then, the Catholic did not know which books were acceptable to The Treasury of The Truth and which were suspicious.
Indeed, as the Rev. Graham points out,

the Truths of Catholicism,
including the teachings
of Sacred Scripture,
were taught by way of preaching, only,
for almost 1,500 years,

mainly because few could read but also because copies of the hand-written Books were rare and costly.
I was most impressed with that author's true statement that

Sacred Scripture
BELONGS to The Catholic Church,

because She is the Mother of Scripture. She wrote the New Testament and She preserved and treasured It. She decided which Books were to be included as God-inspired and which were not.

What a colossal nerve
these 'Bible Christians' have,
in taking up these Catholic Books,
deleting what they didn't like
and interpreting what was left
to suit their beliefs!

And this abomination doesn't stop there, for they now claim Scripture as their own and proceed to abuse The Catholic Church of Jesus Christ, by selecting passages from their interpretations, from their version of Scripture, which they think contradict Catholic Doctrine!!!
Their repetitive cry is
Prove it from The Bible
And they proclaim everywhere The Bible shows that The Catholic Church is wrong!
Their sheer audacity is quite amazing.
These 'Bible Christians' number over 40,000 denominations because none of them agree on anything except for two things:-
All Truth is in Scripture;
The Catholic Church is wrong.
The devil's deception has reached new peaks in these Christians.

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