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Musings 2010/254

My soul doth magnify The Lord;
spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Saviour.
Luke 1:46.
The meaning of
soul and spirit, in this magnificent part of Holy Scripture, is not clear.
In searching for information on these words of Luke, I could only find the suggestion that both have a similar meaning--that is, the very source of life in a human.
It seems to me that, in Luke's passage, the words of Our Lady have very significant meaning.
To use these two important words in the same sentence is more then just poetic practice.
Especially in Scripture where the meaning of each word is so absolutely crucial.
I have previously contended that the human being consists of three basic essentials--body, soul, person.
I have contended this, because that is the description The Church gives of Jesus, for The Church teaches that The
Person of God The Son took a human body and soul and became Man.
As Jesus is absolutely a human being, then we also are like Him--a person given a body and soul.
In that case, the
spirit, mentioned by Our Lady refers to her person, so that she said in Scripture:
My soul magnifies The Lord;
In my very
person I rejoice in God, my Saviour.
Graciousness of God
The human race rebelled against The Almighty not only in Adam but in every human being since, excepting of course, in Jesus and Mary.
In separating itself from The Almighty the human race was doomed, for it was absolutely unable to repair the permanent rift between it and The Almighty.
Only The Almighty could repair this rift and this was done by God becoming Man in the Person of Jesus Christ.
However, God gave mankind the incredible dignity of co-operating in this repair.
Indeed, He made it a condition for Salvation--that is, that mankind co-operate in his own Salvation.

And co-operate in a vital way.
In short, Salvation came about
only through the co-operation
of man's representative, Mary,
The Immaculate Conception.

Mankind then, provided the avenue through whom God would bring Salvation. Without this avenue, there would be no salvation.
Mankind provided The Woman and The Almighty provided The Child Who would proceed from the holy womb of this Woman.

With this in mind, we can perceive
why God formed Israel
and made it His Own people--
for the ultimate reason of bringing forth
The Woman.

This stupendous dignity given to mankind, that it should bring forth The Woman, was the most gracious act of The Almighty and exhibits the recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation He affords man.

Thus The Christ issues from The Woman
in creation
and from The Eternal-father
in Eternity.

Everything that Jesus Christ is, came to us through The Woman.

For some 4,000 years from Adam on,
The Almighty guided His people,
for this prime purpose--preparation for
His Advent into creation!

While it might, at first glance, seem that God's People were thus guided so they would bring forth The Christ, Scripture, Tradition and history show that they were thus guided primarily to bring forth The Woman out of whom The Christ would come--and come directly from The Almighty.
Adam, Abraham, Moses and The Prophets
We give supreme honour to the great men and women of God described in The Old Testament--people who changed human history time and again; people who proved the tremendous dignity of mankind.

It is an amazing thing to note
that all these men and women
of Salvation history,
were part of the great intention
of The Almighty:- to produce
The Woman of Scripture.

The Almighty guided His people, guided His great Prophets and Prophetesses, millennium after millennium, in spite of unending rebellions against His Godhead!
The Almighty persevered with His People when an unloving 'creator' would have called it quits--eliminated them and started again! If at all!
Simply because The Almighty knew that His people would, in due course, bring forth The Woman suited to give birth to His Only-begotten Son, Whose Name is Jesus.
Why did The Almighty persevere with this rebellious people for forty centuries?
Why didn't He just pick any woman at all? There were many great women during those 4,000 years.
It is patently obvious that The Almighty required a certain Woman--a Woman after His Own Heart.
Who else? Why else?
Everyone knows that the intention of an inventor is to produce precisely what he has in his mind.
In the case of The Holy Trinity bringing forth creation, as The Church teaches, the Godhead was the model used to create

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