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Musings 2010/254

mankind and indeed, all creation.
God used Himself as the model for creation.

God's greatest Works then,
are those closest
to reflecting Himself.

If Adam and Eve were created in God's Own likeness, and if Jesus is the New Adam, and if Mary is the New Eve, then The Woman of Scripture, Mother of The Saviour,

was and is,
the perfect reflection of The Eternal-father.

The People of God took 4,000 years to bring forth The Woman--and then, only with the day to day guidance of The Almighty!
We can only faintly comprehend therefore, what perfections this Woman was given and to the greatest delight and satisfaction of all mankind, this Woman retained the perfections given her, and even, multiplied them!!!
What gratitude mankind owes to The Almighty that He should grant him the right to so resplendently participate--through The Virgin--in Salvation!!!
And, while The Almighty guided His People those thousands of years, He still did not interfere with the freewill of man.
The Almighty allowed His People to be punished for their treacheries, (suffering being a natural result of evil), but He did not over-ride mankind's freewill, to bring forth The Woman.
No, The Almighty patiently awaited for mankind to finally reach the situation where The Woman would come forth as a natural event, even thought it was an event that was magnificently supernatural as well.

It can be truthfully stated then,
that mankind brought forth
The Woman,
and only mankind was capable
of bringing her forth.

Out of mankind issued the most perfect creature, physical or spiritual, human or Angel--The Woman of Scripture.
So perfect in fact, as to be saluted by the great Archangel,
Hail O Fullness of Grace.
O Fullness of Grace, when she agreed to be Mother of The Christ, was then overshadowed by the Power of The Most High and The Holy Spirit came upon her!
If Mary was the
Fullness of Grace, before, what was she when thus overshadowed, afterwards?
And then, furthering her immaculateness, The Son of God dwelt within her holy womb for nine months!
All this, before The Christ was born!
What then, having been Christ greatest disciple, even to accompanying Him to The Cross of Golgotha; even to being His Mother for thirty three years, His most cherished companion and perfect consoler?
The stupendous stature of
The Fullness of Grace is far beyond the comprehension of any human being.

The great sign,
The Woman clothed with the sun,
is but a pointer
to Mary's stature before The Throne of God.

The Hidden Immaculate Conception
This stupendous statue of Mary is not for the contemplation of the catechumen  who must first be initiated into the Truth of The Christ and realise His Divinity; that He alone brings Salvation to the entire universe.
Only after love and adoration for The Christ is established in the hearts of mortals, can this amazing stature of Mary be introduced.
Only after it is established that The Immaculate Conception emerged from mankind ONLY for the glory of The Almighty and His Christ, can she be contemplated in her
Fullness of Grace.
Her stature is so phenomenal that, if she is contemplated in her glory at the beginning of the search for Truth, she herself, would be taken for a god!
Thus, as I have previously claimed,

the contemplation of The Fullness of Grace
is only for the advanced Christian
and of course, The Church
has had advanced Christians
from the very time of Christ
--the Apostles certainly--
and these were aware
of Mary's supreme and ultimate perfections
before The Almighty.

The world is in for a colossal, intellectual  rearrangement of what it knows to be Truth when it perceives, shortly, the Triumph of The Immaculate Conception, brought about by the children of The Woman of Scripture.


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