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Musings 2010/255

The Church of Christ/The Protestants
When a person considers the plight of Protestants, one must become most sympathetic.
While the plight of the Catholic is very perilous in this world or wide-spread deceptions, even though he has the infallible Pope and his Magisterium; the true, seven Sacraments particularly The Eucharist; the Priesthood established by Christ Himself; The Treasury of Truth from Scripture and Tradition; the full and real Books of Scripture; the massive number of Saints down the centuries--indeed, he has The very Church Christ established, which has continued for the past two millenniums.
If the Catholic finds peril from one hour to another, what then of the Protestant, who has broken up into forty thousand denominations, believing (amongst them all) almost anything--even the Truth on some subjects?
The Protestant does not trace his 'church' back to Christ, but to some breakaway from The Church, or from a breakaway from the breakaway, from The Church, or from . etc. etc. etc.
The Protestant traces his 'church' back some 600 years at the most, while other Protestants and members of Christian sects, can trace their 'church' back to recent times only!!
Even that Protestant who traces his 'church' back for centuries, unfortunately, has to somehow overcome the problem of the changes in doctrine of his 'church'!
In the process of breaking away, the Protestant has turned his back on the infallible Pope, turning to a fallible 'church' which, all the same, he must take to be infallible.
Otherwise, he knowingly follows a 'church' that he knows is prone to error!!!!
In turning away from the infallible Pope, the Protestant has refused participation in the true Priesthood and the further result is his exclusion from participation in the seven Sacraments!!
In refuting the Books of Scripture of Catholicism, The Church of Jesus Christ, and excluding some of Her anointed Books, the Protestant has further left himself open to the awful intentions of the devil.
In turning his back on Tradition, of equal importance to Scripture, the Protestant has added difficulty upon difficulty to his spiritual path in life and finds himself in a handicapped opportunity for finding Truth.
If the Protestant looks back in history hoping to discover great men and women of his particular faith, all he finds is the massive army of Catholic Saints, of every generation, of every nation.
What is the result for this Protestant?
Not only is he excluded from The Church founded by Christ and from Her unique Gifts and Graces, but he finds himself in opposition to The Church, even to the extreme position of believing that the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, is an anti-christ!!!
The Protestant finds himself looking through his unsatisfactory version of Scripture, not always for spiritual guidance, but often to find a word or a sentence that might defame Christ's Church!!!
He, a Christian, seeking to bring down Christ's Church!!!
Can you believe it?
Divide and conquer is an old proverb, and even the devil sees this strategy as a certain avenue to victory over Christianity which, instead of being One in Catholicism, is in incredible division!
Not only divided but numerous denominations are at spiritual war with Catholicism!
What is the answer to this incredible division?
Every Christian claims to love his brothers and sisters in the other denominations!
Every Christian seeks Goodness and claims to be achieving this in his own particular form of Christianity.
Every Christian claims to have Truth!
Of course, there is only one answer--and that is unity will be achieved by God--and only by God.
Just as mankind was unable to achieve his own Salvation so also he is unable to achieve unity in spirit and soul.
What is the means whereby God will achieve this unity?
While Love is the essence of Christ's disciples, Christ commanded that we love our enemies. If our enemies loved us back, then we might have an avenue towards unity.

But, as we see in Christendom,
while there is 'love' between
the disputing parties,
there remains

Christ also said Do good to them that hate you!
Again if those who hated us did good to us in return, we would have an avenue towards unity.
However, again, while there is goodwill between some mainstream Christian denominations and a desire for unity, unity remains out of our grasp.
That leaves Truth.

When the world
really desires
and seeks
then we will have hope
for unity.

While everyone can agree to love one another and to do good to one another, that really does not lead to the fullness of unity.
Loving one another and doing good to one another are stepping stones to unity.
Sharing the Love of God and the Goodness of God can be done at a distance--so to speak.

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