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Musings 2010/255

52 6 11 So do you also reckon, that you are dead to sin, but alive unto God, in Christ Jesus our Lord. P Romans
If our sins were responsible for His Passion forcing Him to carry the Cross which we could not carry, then surely our virtues gave Him some respite, some consolation, some comfort!
P From the cloud of temptations that encircled Jesus, I saw a stream flow toward myself, and in it were shown me, to my great consternation, all my defects of omission and commission.
Still, I kept my eyes turned toward my Heavenly Bridegroom, I struggled and prayed with Him, and with Him I turned to the consoling angels.
Ah! The Lord writhed like a worm under the weight of His sorrow and agony.
P Life of Jesus Christ--The Sweat of Agony P. 85--A. C. Emmerich
P After Jesus had with deep emotion gazed upon those citizens of Heaven belonging to former ages, the angels pointed out to Him the multitudes of future saints who, joining their labours to the merits of His Passion, would through Him be united to the Heavenly Father.
This vision was unspeakably beautiful and consoling. All passed before the Lord in their number, their race, and various degrees of dignity all adorned with their sufferings and good works. Then did He behold the hidden and inexhaustible streams of salvation and sanctification that were to spring from the death that awaited Him as Redeemer of mankind. The Apostles, the disciples, virgins and holy women, martyrs, confessors, and hermits, Popes and Bishops, the future multitudes of religious men and women in a word, the
immense army of the blessed passed before Him. All were adorned with crowns of victory won over passion and suffering. PLife of Jesus Christ. P. 85--A. C. Emmerich
From these quotes from the visions of the Blessed Emmerich, we clearly observe that Jesus was consoled by the good works of future Saints.
It seems to me then, that in our attendance at Holy Mass, we should become conscious that The Redeemer is drawing us to Himself at Golgotha; that, in co-operating with His all-powerful drawing, we should kneel beside The Virgin, Mother of The Crucified, at the foot of the Cross, and try to comfort and console her, for we surely know that she is the greatest comforter of her adored Son.


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