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Musings 2010/256

The earth
P You heavens, send dew from above; you skies, pour down upon us the rain we long for, him, the Just One. May he, the Saviour, spring from the closed womb of earth.P
(Isaiah 45:8) Knox translation.
The opening prayer for Holy Mass, fourth Week of Advent, was taken from this passage of Scripture.
The New American Bible translates this passage:
Let justice descend, O heavens, like dew from above, like gentle rain, let the skies drop it down. Let the earth open and salvation bud forth.
This latter translation has the note:
The Vulgate rendering gives a more precise Messianic sense to this verse, using 'just one' and 'saviour' in place of 'justice' and 'salvation'.
Either way, it would seem that Justice would come from above and Salvation from the earth, but that both 'justice' and 'salvation' refer to the Messiah.
Jesus came from Heaven, being The Son of God, but He brought Salvation through the co-operation of earth, becoming the Son of Man.
Whichever way you look at this piece of Scripture,

the earth can only refer
to the Virgin Mother  B

who conceived Jesus, being the avenue in creation through whom He was brought forth.
We further perceive from this, that the Virgin Mother
represented the earth, in her co-operation in Salvation history.
Indeed--she represented all of creation.
Life is a great Gift from God.
We were nothing and then we became human beings with such incredible dignity that God became Man to secure our everlasting future!
And life is not just something we have and then die with, but, on top of that astonishing dignity, there is opportunity for us.
Life is full of opportunities to gain eternal Life with Christ and The Almighty.
Yes, life is full of opportunities to give thanks and praise to The Almighty and so secure all the greater glory with Him, forever, as well as helping others to also gain this Eternal-ecstasy.
Everything can be made into a prayer but it seems to me, that suffering can reap the greatest rewards for a soul and for the Will of The Almighty.
Christ's Passion and Death reaped Infinite Merits which are available to each of us, to share.
It was His Suffering and Death that brought Salvation to mankind and so we can perceive that suffering can draw upon a person, astonishing rewards.
The greatest of all prayer is The Holy Sacrifice, The Eternal-sacrifice, of The Catholic Church. Yet, we are reminded that even this avenue to Infinite Merits is a re-presentation of Christ's Passion and Death!! His Suffering.
It goes against the gain, for me anyway, to admit that suffering is a great avenue that can be used to gain a massive share of Christ's Infinite Merits!
I just hope that all the little sufferings of my life might add up to something in the end, for my prayer now is for the coming of the new Era of The Spirit where I expect to find world-wide peace and harmony; a world without suffering--at least for a period (a long period); a world of Truth, Goodness and Love.
The meaning of the word faith interests me.
Many years ago I thought
faith was a meaningless word, because, after all, we KNOW that God exists; that Jesus is God-made-man; that The Catholic Church is the One and Only True-church.
Who needs
faith when we have fact?
Since then, my over-confidence has been severely undermined by the trouble and the darkness and the evil-one upon the world and by the seemingly unanswered prayers of people in desperate need!
Not that I have ceased to KNOW that God and His Christ and His Church exist, but I have come to realise that
faith is needed, after all!
Faith has a much greater meaning then I at first, thought.
I believe that there is an in-built knowledge in human beings that God exists; that He has created the universe we perceive, and that He has created an unseen, spiritual universe, also.
However, while we have this knowledge, the fact remains that we are absolutely unable to understand it!
We can not fully perceive an Almighty Being; that He has no beginning and no end; that He holds everything in existence from one moment to another!
Even as we know that this MUST be the case.
God is truly a mystery. Indeed, even in Heaven I believe that we will never fully comprehend God's Totality.
We can easily perceive that the world needs a Saviour and that Jesus The Christ is that Saviour, yet how can this be, that God became a Creature?
We can understand that this was necessary, mankind being completely unable to bridge the gap it had created between it and its Creator--but how can God become a Creature?
Again this Mystery is beyond us and will always be beyond us.
It now seems to me that, even though we KNOW that God exists, etc., faith is required to accept the Totality of what we do not understand about this Existence.
We accept God's Existence even though we are unable to understand how this can be!!

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