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Musings 2010/255

Just as we accept that we also, have existence even when, but recently, we were nothingness.
faith goes beyond intellect; beyond common sense; beyond knowledge.
Faith follows on where intellect and knowledge end.
If intellect and knowledge were depicted as a straight line from man to God, it would nor reach Him.
Faith is needed to connect the gap between the end of that line and God.
And even, the importance of this
faith is also beyond us, for we do not fully understand the eternal-life that awaits those whose faith is strong unto death.
Nor do we fully comprehend what agony awaits those who defy The Almighty--that realisation they have, (even if so greatly limited) of the intended eternal-life with and in, The Almighty, as compared to the eternal-loss that they have chosen!
The incredible magnificence of this
faith of ours, can be better observed when compared with the 'belief' of those who know no God, claiming the universe is all we have.
They live in the 'belief' that what you see is what you get--nothing more!

In short--no hope for them.

Their horror is their 'belief' that their seventy years or so, of life, is all they have! If that really be so, then they must believe in the law of the jungle--take everything you can, while you can, regardless of how you get it or whom you destroy in the process.
Despair is their reward in this life and in this horror, should they persist to their death in their antagonism against God, will become
eternal, in hell.

What a Gift--this Catholic Faith of ours!

The USA has got itself embroiled in interpretations of its national constitution and coming up with, what many term, unconstitutional judgments--by the American justice system!
9th Circuit Court Holds Soledad Cross Unconstitutional
All to often, it has become apparent, the 'unconstitutional' decisions undermine Christianity and even, religious freedom.
If that be the case, then the justice system in the USA, has become a liability. This trend is probably much the same in other democracies around the world.

While having a justice system is important,
it seems that this system
has gained just as much power,
perhaps even more power
in some respects,
then the elected government!

It is true that governments appoint their judges, yet these appointments are reasonably permanent even should a change in government occur.

Further, while they are in power,
decisions of the justice system
seem to become permanent
whereas decisions
by a government
may often be changed!!

For these reasons, it seems to me that the justice system needs to be rearranged so that interpretations of government legislation and national constitutions are made by governments--not by justice systems.
Or, better still, by the people!
A World in Need
Whether the peoples of the world believe it or not; whether they know it or not;

the world is crying out
for relief from evil--
begging for peace;
begging for mercy.

As is obvious in history as well as in religion, evil attracts and creates suffering not only upon the evil-doer but upon those around him and even, many others distant from him--some even, not yet born!

This is a phenomena
of The Almighty,
for while offence against Him
incurs His displeasure
and His Justice,
the suffering that issues
from the offence,
draws His Mercy!!

Therefore, the incredible sufferings of every kind that seems to fill the world, are really cries for mercy; a desperate plea for relief from evil.
The Almighty hears these pleas and acts upon them.
Further, His Church, the one ruled by the Supreme Pontiff in Rome, has gone through Her Passion and Death, in imitation of Her Founder, Jesus The Christ.
The past 20th. Century, saw Her attacked on every side; attacked from within, as well, by every means possible.
The prophecy of John Bosco has been fulfilled and the Barque of Peter now shelters between the column of The Immaculate Conception and that of The Holy Eucharist, lead there by its admiral, the Pope.
The Church has virtually been put to death and buried in the tomb, as was Christ, and Her Resurrection is now taking place.
The century given over to the devil, as foretold by Pope Leo XIII, in 1886, has well and truly passed and The Church, while seemingly destroyed, is rising from the terrible tragedies inflicted upon Her, intact and looking forward to a new evangelisation which will raise Her to be the light for the world.

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