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Musings 2010/255

To sin is to draw upon oneself and upon others, suffering.
Because the original sin of Adam drew suffering upon all mankind, Jesus Christ, being a son of Adam, became prone to suffering also.
But because He was sinless and indeed, God-made-man, His atrocious Suffering made up for all of the sinfulness of mankind past, present and future.
However, our own sufferings can also make up for sinfulness--our own and even others--when they are united to Christ's Sufferings.
That is to say that, even though Christ's Suffering had infinite merits, our own sufferings, joined to His, are part and parcel of our salvation.
Christ's Sufferings and our own, draw upon the world Mercy and forgiveness.
Yet, the other type of suffering belongs entirely to the entrenched in their wickedness.
While a human lives out his life upon the earth his sufferings appeal to God Who would gather him into His Eternal-embrace.
But once he dies in his wickedness, his sufferings lose all merit, for he has proven inflexible in his evil ways. He has emphatically embraced evil to the end.
Because his suffering no longer has any appeal to The Almighty, this resolute sinner heaps upon himself a further suffering--the knowledge that he is permanently entrenched in his wickedness and that his malfunctioning being is then an eternally permanent thing.
The evil that he has accumulated through his own hatred and deception, has become an everlasting ugliness and a putrid horror embedded throughout his entire being.


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