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Musings 2010/257


PThe work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church, in such a way that one  will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops.

Churches and altars will be sacked.
The Church will be full of those
who accept compromises,

and the demon will press many Priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.P So stated Our Lady to Sister Agnes in Akita, Japan, 1973.
There are those who think that charity includes compromise and in some cases, it probably does. However, when compromise relates to Dogmas of The Church,
then we have problems.
Even when the compromise relates to what might seem to be minor matters, any compromise that is not first Church approved, is certainly not a charitable thing.
The modernists use this delusion--that  compromise in Church matters is a form of charity. Massive numbers of the Faithful fell for this outrageous deception.
Even Priests--and on numerous occasions, it was the Priests who encouraged the Faithful under their guidance, to accept compromises that were not approved by The Church.
We witness this in the novelties and innovations in Holy Masses said by compromising Priests.
Some Catholics thought that they were doing great things by trying to make Catholicism look like Protestantism. They thought that these compromises would help Protestants join with The Church.
And so, in many Parishes, we have Catholic churches and their Liturgies, that look much like a Protestant ceremony looked half a century ago!
Gilchrist in his
Australia's Catholics Today, LOST, page 123 highlighted the problem of compromise in The Church in Australia, when he quoted from the Statement of Conclusions, signed by the Australian Bishops in their Ad Limina visit to Rome in 1998:-
P  Thus a practise in pastoral life which is contrary to the teachings of Christ and His Church, is not an act of compassion, but rather one that radically disorders pastoral charity and has long term negative consequences.  P
We, old Catholics, who well remember the solemn Catholic Holy Mass of those past times, would not have believed that our Holy Mass would look as it does today!!
What good have these compromises made? What unity have they brought about?
I know of nothing worthwhile that has been accomplished because of the compromises, but certainly there have been many awful results.
One innovation, removal of the Tabernacle from the church building, certainly made the church Protestant-like.
(One Catholic stated that, when the Real-presence was removed from a church it is like an abortion, where the life of the body was extracted.)
Now that the 'Catholic' church has become merely an
assembly space, the congregation has changed its character and is now more like an audience at an entertainment centre.
With the result that acclamation is common during Holy Mass in many such
assembly spaces!
One gets the impression that Holy Mass is a successful performance only if the acclamation is generous and repeated!
Gone, it would seem, is the knowledge that Holy Mass is
The Continual Sacrifice (Daniel 8:11), the very Sacrifice of Golgotha, incorporating the Last Supper of The Lord.
Gone also, from the pews of our
assembly spaces, are numerous good Catholics who could not tolerate the unhealthy and unauthorised remodelling of our churches and liturgies.
Leaving a remnant of real-Catholics amidst a compromising majority.
As a result of this world-wide compromise, the minds and hearts of Catholics were educated to give consideration to each and every bit of nonsense and deception that was presented to them.
Thus they were prepared to consider and often, to accept:-
A. there is no such thing as absolute truth;
B. truth is what a person believes;
C. one religion is as good as another;
D. if you don't feel comfortable with Catholicism, try a Protestant version of Christianity;
E. there is no such thing as hell;
F. therefore, everyone goes to Heaven;
G. therefore, the stupendous Sacrament of Confession, is not needed;
H. the Pope is just another Bishop--no need to think he is infallible;
I. love yourself first--forgive yourself first--then love and forgive others;
J. etc. etc. etc.
The Power of the Remnant
BUT, there are those who did not compromise and these are certainly in the minority in many nations, certainly Australia, most particularly my own state of Queensland.
All around the world there are little groups of real-Catholics, obedient to the Pope, adoring Jesus Christ in The Eucharist and devoted to The Immaculate Conception.
In every township, in every nation, these groups exist.
They have witnessed the modernist attack upon The Church and the awful fatalities inflicted on hundreds of millions of the Faithful--everywhere. They have seen the demise of religious orders and the attempted demolition of the Priesthood as well as the erosion of the love of the Sacraments. They have witnessed the virtual destruction of the family unit and

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