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6-Apr-00. Your Very Person Issues Directly From The Father . p. 66.
14-Apr-00. I Will Be Ensuring You Fulfil The Father's Will Perfectly . p. 66.
21-Apr-00. Jesus Came Upon Earth For That Cross - For That Death . p. 66.
27-Apr-00. The Church Is The Result Of The Son's Work . p. 66.
12-May-00. You Know How Truly I Give Of Myself In Imitation Of Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son! . p. 67.
21-May-00. The Holy Spirit, My Divine-Spouse, Already Takes Possession Of This Era . p. 67.
3-Jun-00. Obedience To God Is Not Servitude It Is Co-Operation . p. 67.
9-Jun-00. It Is To Share That We Were Created . p. 67.
21-Jun-00. Peace. Peace. Peace. . p. 67.
Think Of The Unity Of God's Children In His Mystical Body . p. 67.
5-Jul-00. For This Era Of Love Is Also The Era Of The Eucharist . p. 68.
8-Jul-00. How Pleased He Is To Observe Some Of His Children Who Recognise, Acknowledge And Appreciate His Will For Creation . p. 68.
13-Jul-00. That Is, Not In The Body Nor In The Soul, But Person To Person . p. 68.
20-Jul-00. Peace In You Is An Acceptance Of The Father's Holy-Will . p. 68.
21-Jul-00. The Worries Of The World That Take Up Your Thoughts . p. 68.
29-Jul-00. It Is The Immaculate Conception That God Is Using To Forward His Plans On Earth . p. 68.
3-Aug-00. To Be A New Warrior Of The New Era . p. 68.
4-Aug-00 This Glory And Triumph Will Be For Jesus . p. 69.
10-Aug-00. How Can I Emphasise Enough The Need For Peace In You . p. 69.
12-Aug-00. Warrior Of The New Era. p. 69.
31-Aug-00 Then There Is The Dead Creation . p. 69.
9-Sep-00. Delight To Him Is Delight To All . p. 69.
12-Sep-00 The Wonderful, Marvellous Gifts Of God To Man . p. 70.
16-Sep-00 . Only Because He Shares, Do You Exist . p. 70.
21-Sep-00 The World Did Not Succumb To The Coming Of Christ On The Instant Of His Appearance . p. 70.
24-Sep-00. These Are The Divine Energies Behind Creation . p. 70.
30-Sep-00. So Very Shortly, Will The Heavenly-Father Announce My Triumph . p. 70.
4-Oct-00. By The Almighty Power Of The Holy Ghost . p. 71.
6-Oct-00 The Realisation That The Catholic Church Of John Paul II, Is THE Church In Creation . p. 71.
12-Oct-00. My Immaculate Conception Will Be The Catalyst For The World . p. 71.
19-Oct-00. The More Perfect This Consecration .... The More I Am Able To Lead Them Into The Depths Of The Sacred Heart . p. 71.
25-Oct-00 .
Like Dark And Ominous Clouds Clearing In The Sky, Leaving The Radiance Of The Sun And The Rainbow . p. 71.
3-Nov-00 Indeed, This Is How Evil Began . p. 72.
4-Nov-00 But Its Light Has Not Been Perceived Except By Those Most Special Children . p. 72.
9-Nov-00 How Great And Unconquerable Is This Army Of The Woman . p. 72.
11-Nov-00 Walk In The Holy Fear Of God And You Will Always Be Holy Before God . p. 72.
18-Nov-00. Who Share The Victory Of The Woman Of Scripture . p. 72.
24-Nov-00. His Greatest Avenue By Which He Shares Himself Is In Your Little Crosses . p. 72.
7-Dec-00. I, Who Am The Immaculate Conception, Know The Fullness Of This Miracle! I Know The Truth Of What Is Said - Nothing Is Impossible To God . p. 73.
12-Dec-00.  It Enters At The Hands Of My Beloved Pontiff . p. 73.
16-Dec-00. The Huge Agony And The Despair That Sweeps The World, Side By Side And Following, Evil . p. 73.
26-Dec-00. The Glorious Cross Of Christ - The Wondrous Cross Of Salvation - The Cross Borne By God . p. 73.
31-Dec-00. His Wisdom Is At Work. His Mercy And Justice Are At Work. His Goodness Works In The Universe. His Love And Harmony Descend Upon All Creation . p. 73.
5.1.01. One Should Not Presume On The Power Of His Guardian Angel . p. 74.
17.1.01. Scripture And Tradition, When Viewed In The Light Of My Immaculate Conception, Becomes Clearer; More Understandable . p. 74.
25-Jan-01. Hold Fast To Your Patience And Perseverance, For The  New Era Of Love Is Upon You . p. 74.
31-Jan-01. My Immaculate Conception 2,000 Years Ago Led To The Annunciation And To Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son . p. 74.
10-Feb-01. Thus Does He Make All Of His Children, My Children . p. 74.
13-Feb-01. I Am The Woman Of Scripture Through Whom The Creator Would Use To Become A Creature . p. 74.
15-Feb-01. The Battle Of Knowledge, Which Involves The Truth Of My Immaculate Conception . p. 75.
2-Mar-01.  My Children Stand Before Me, Astonished And Delighted At The Beauty God Has Given Me . p. 75.
15-Mar-01. The Church Is The Tree Of Life - The Tree Of Truth - The Tree Of Love . p. 75.
22-Mar-01. The Heights Of True Communication With The Holy Trinity And With One Another . p. 75.
24-Mar-01 This Is The Source Of Our Astonishment In Our Delight . p. 75.
29-Mar-01 It Only Remains For The Eternal-Father To Proclaim My Triumph For Jesus . p. 76.
11-Apr-01. We Are IMPORTANT To Him . p. 76.
26-Apr-01. So That I Make Take You To Jesus, The Christ, My Adored Son For His Delight . p. 76.
2-May-01. The Holy Trinity Gave Existence To Man Because This Was Something That Could Be Done . p. 76.
10-May-01. I Did Do, As The Woman Of Scripture, Clothed-With-The-Sun . p. 76.
18-May-01. Graces In Abundance Shower Upon The Remnant Who Cling To Christ And His Church - To Truth - To The Pope - To The Woman Of Scripture . p. 76.
23-May-01. Fear Not Then That You Pay Tribute To A Momento Of Me . p. 77.
7-Jun-01. My Will Is Always In Agreement As If The Holy Trinity Caresses The Mother To Desire Everything That The Three Persons Desire . p. 77.
21-Jun-01. Do Not Be Concerned Then, That I Repeat Many Things To You . p. 77.
24-Jun-01. The Children Of The Rosary Will Spread This Peace Everywhere . p. 77.
4-Jul-01. All Is Well For God's Plan For Mankind . p. 77.

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