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Musings 2010/257

3. While it is true that the participation in the Mass and sacraments at the chapels of the Society of St. Pius X does not of itself constitute "formal adherence to the schism", such adherence can come about over a period of time as one slowly imbibes a mentality which separates itself from the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff. P
The lifting of the excommunication against the Bishops of the SSPX does not change this situation

and this ban seems to still exist.

In spite of this, probably unknown to them, real-Catholics left The Church in their desperation at the goings-on in their Parish churches, finding refuge in the SSPX.
Indeed, it seemed to me, that these Catholics were amongst the cream of the Parish Faithful and we, who were left, greatly missed them.
This may have afforded them much comfort and could have been a form of rescue when compared to other possibilities--such as seeking consolation in some form of Protestantism.
Unfortunately, the SSPX, in finding fault with some decisions of Vatican Two, found themselves, by this action, thrust into other unhappy decisions.
In their disagreement with part of Vatican Two, with a resultant defiance of the Pontiff, finding themselves separated from The Church, they took a spiritual journey that moved further and further away from The Church, even to finding fault with Vatican Two as a whole.
In disagreeing with Vatican Two, as a whole, the natural result was for them to proclaim that the Pontiffs then and since then, were and are, unworthy of the title, because our Pontiffs, every one, have supported and promoted
all of Vatican Two.
One thing leads to another, and the SSPX began to find fault with anything and everything it could muster, especially what leaders of The Church said or did.
And many leaders of The Church made it easy for SSPX antagonists, because, in following 'the spirit (read 'poltergeist') of Vatican Two' these leaders delved into all sorts of anti-Catholic activities--minor and major.
Easy targets for SSPX activists who zoomed in with eagerness and energy, pointing out the disgrace and the evil of what went on within the confines of The Universal Church.
As this scenario developed, the general Faithful of SSPX, in taking in what their activists were telling them about The Church, became more and more disillusioned with The Bishop of Rome and with everything he said or did--making the rift between Catholicism and SSPX wider and wider; making reconciliation more and more difficult.
Thus the real-Catholics who abandoned The Church to find relief in the SSPX, were caught up in a new dilemma--where they once found refuge and relief in the SSPX, they now find themselves further adrift of The Church. They find themselves increasingly bound to the ever-more anti-Catholic culture that the SSPX creates.
Indeed, they find themselves unable to continue to claim to be real-Catholic.
Looking as we do from the real-Catholic stance that we have, as a pure Gift from The Spirit of Truth--we who remained in our pews in spite of the rebellious actions within our Parishes--we must feel empathy for these wonderful people who once prayed beside us but are trapped in the SSPX ship that drifts further from Truth with each passing day.
Yes, modernism in its many forms and sub-forms, has been the enemy of The Church over the past century and more, but the SSPX has appeared in the eternal battle between Good and evil, drawing away those wonderful Catholics who resisted modernism to the fullest; dragging them out of The Universal Church into the SSPX defiance.
In escaping the supreme evil of modernism, they still find themselves in a widening separation with The Church they so dearly love!!
Because of this awful situation, it has occurred to me that, not only has modernism infiltrated into The Church, but that SSPX activists might just have easily done the same.
If that were the case, these activists could also do considerable damage to the already badly treated real-Catholics, pointing out, on a determined, continual basis, the awful things that are happening in The Church, without acknowledging the wonderful things that are also happening.
Such a concentration on the modernist corruption of The Faith, undermines the overall reality of The Church rising from a virtual death and entering into a new springtime.
Thus the poor old real-Catholic, savaged by modernist activities on the one hand, and finding exaggerated emphasis on modernist deceptions by SSPX activists on the other, without the great signs of hope that abound, would tend to be most despondent and feel that hope for the future is non-existent.
I could perceive that additional real-Catholics might then be tempted to join the SSPX, at the very time when The Church is being rejuvenated.
On the other hand, the new hope that now pervades The Universal Church, comes about not only because of the defeat of modernism, but also because of such great moments of spiritual history where, for example, large number of Anglicans are entering The Church.
The magnificence of The Church's renewal must include further unity not only with the Orthodox, but also with the SSPX.
It seems to me, in fact, that unity with the SSPX must come the sooner, as the Orthodox have been separated for such a long period, that unity seems all the more difficult. Disunity is, here, an habitual thing.
The short disunity between The Church and the SSPX then, would suggest that unity could come all the quicker. Those who left The Church still have wonderful memories of The Universal Church and must long to return in perfect unity to Her--as do we who have lost so many friends to the SSPX.
What a reunion that would be!
And what a great bonus for The Church, especially in Queensland where the great majority of Priests do not know how to pray the Tridentine Liturgy.
(In asking the Archbishop to provide the Tridentine Mass to my own Parish, he replied that he has no Priests capable of doing this! On checking this out, I found that was the case, although some were available.)
On the reunion with the SSPX, we would then have immediate access to the Tridentine Liturgy and to Priests who could so pray, in the Person of Jesus Christ.
The 'shortage of Priests' would be greatly relieved and a new life and vigour would be instantly inserted into the Priesthood of Queensland, bringing--perhaps--this new spiritual springtime for our great state.
However, the eventual unity of Catholicism with the SSPX will not be as simple and as easy as some would imagine. To get the thinking behind the SSPX, I attach the following 'declaration' gained from the SSPX official web site:-

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