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Musings 2010/257

P  Declaration by Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer, December 2, 1986
After the meeting in Assisi, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, bishop emeritus of Compos (Brazil) published in Buenos Aires on December 2, 1986, a joint declaration which reads:
"Rome has asked us if we have the intention of proclaiming our rupture with the Vatican on the occasion of the Congress of Assisi.
"We think that the question should rather be the following: Do you believe and do you have the intention of proclaiming that the Congress of Assisi
consummates the rupture of the Roman authorities with the Catholic Church?
"For this is the question which preoccupies those who still remain Catholic.
"Indeed, it is clear that since the Second Vatican Council,
the Pope and the Bishops are making more and more of a clear departure from their predecessors.
"Everything that had been put into place by the Church in past centuries to defend the Faith, and everything that was done by the missionaries to spread it, even to the point of martyrdom, henceforth is considered to be a fault which the Church must confess and ask pardon forů.
The high point of this rupture with the previous Magisterium of the Church took place at Assisi, after the visit to the synagogue (in Rome by John Paul II on April 13, 1986--Editor's note). The public sin against the one, true God, against the Incarnate Word, and His Church, makes us shudder with horror. John Paul II encourages the false religions to pray to their false gods--an immeasurable, unprecedented scandal.
"We might recall here our Declaration of November 21, 1974, which remains more relevant than ever.
"For us, remaining indefectibly attached to the Catholic and Roman Church of all times, we are obliged to take note
that this Modernist and liberal religion of modern and conciliar Rome is still distancing itself more and more from us, who profess the Catholic Faith of the eleven Popes who condemned this false religion.
"The rupture does not come from us, but from Paul VI and John Paul II who break with their predecessors.
"This denial of the whole past of the Church by these two Popes and the bishops who imitate them is an inconceivable impiety and an intolerable humiliation for those who remain Catholic in fidelity to twenty centuries of the same Faith.
Thus we consider as null everything inspired by this spirit of denial of the past: all the post-conciliar reforms, and all the acts of Rome accomplished in this impiety.
"We count on the grace of God and the support of the Virgin Most Faithful, all the martyrs,
all the Popes right up to the Council, and all the holy Founders and Foundresses of contemplative and missionary orders, to come to our aid in the renewal of the Church through an integral fidelity to Tradition." P
Christ and His Disciples entered the Jewish synagogues, but John Paul The Great, supreme amongst the vicars of Christ, is not allowed!
It appears to me, like The Universal Church Herself, that the impetus for the fulfilment of the new springtime, must come from the Faithful as well as from the Magisterium.
Could not the SSPX Faithful, with their Priests, demand of the SSPX leaders that they do more, take definite steps, to make reunion possible, ASAP?
Their re-entry into the Fold, especially in places like Queensland, would


Humanae Vitae
This astounding encyclical of Pope Paul VI of the 25th. July, 1968, has to be amongst the most important of the century.
Other encyclicals and documents issued by the Popes and by Vatican Two are extremely important of course.
Most of these restated Church Dogma in modern terms and expanded and explained the meaning of various Church Dogma. Other Church documents brought about upgrading in Liturgy and Her situation with regard to other religions, and so on.
Humanae Vitae however, attended to a modern situation and it examined science where it related to the passing on of life. While The Church has always been opposed to artificial contraception, progress of science in the knowledge of sexuality and fertility opened new regions of possibility.
So much so that the committee set up by the Pope, in this regard, which included men of excellent standing in The Church, recommended that The Church provide lenient directions in the use of artificial contraceptives.
The Gift of infallibility which Paul VI possessed, gave him opposing views to that of his committee which resulted in this prophetic Encyclical which thoroughly condemned artificial contraception, to the anger, grievance and hostility of many around the world, including many in The Church!
One shudders to think what would have resulted in history if this Encyclical was not issued. Even with this Encyclical available for the betterment of mankind, the use of artificial contraception in defiance of the Pontiff, has been the impulse for many horrors that fill the nations.
Certainly, it has contributed to the sheer horror of massive abortion, so widespread and even, often accepted in the general, unthinking community. The failures of artificial contraception and resultant pregnancies have given incentive to so many to obtain for themselves the easily available facility in the western world, of doctors all to ready, even eager, to terminate the life of the their unborn.
The world is indeed in great debt to Pope Paul VI and his magnificent Encyclical and yet again, we are obliged to recognise in this historical document,  the infallibility of Peter.     

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