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Musings 2011/258

New Missal
Cardinal Pell is happy with the new Novus Ordo Missal translation--The New Order of Mass, as it is entitled.
If he is happy with it, then so am I.
The full Missal, with Gospels and Epistles, remains to be issued and, with the initial issue being approved by the Cardinal, we can hope that the full Missal will also be approved by him (and so by all  real-Catholics around Australia).
In checking The New Order of The Mass, I found that it reverted back to the 1960 English for Holy Mass in many respects.
The old Confiteor was not reintroduced and the present prayer remains with  some change, while the Gloria and the Credo are close to the 1960 Missal.
The Credo still includes
and became man,  although it was rumoured that this was to be changed.
I was hoping that there would be some precise directions included in the new translation as a forward; full directions that would point out what is required in the rubrics of Holy Mass (and, in some respects, more importantly, what is NOT required).
This will not happen, unfortunately, and although the new translation shows excellent improvement, it seems to me that it will be
business as usual--for the time being.
Still, the opportunity is there for the post-modernists to verge back into The Church-proper.
For them--the writing is on the wall.
Temple Police
There are real-Catholics in Queensland, Australia, who have been reporting the goings-on of post-modernist Priests.
A certain Father Peter Kennedy of Brisbane, Queensland, was removed from his priestly duties in recent years and it is reported that this resulted because of evidence compiled by these real-Catholics, now being named
temple police.
The removal from office of Bishop Morris of Toowoomba, in recent days, is being also blamed, in part, on these
temple police.
P  Catholica Editorial
The hounding of Toowoomba Bishop, Bill Morris, calls for moral courage and fibre from the other Bishops of Australia
on the level of the moral courage exhibited by Jesus himself.
The significant religious affairs story in Australia today has been the forced retirement of the Bishop of Toowoomba,
William (Bill) Morris, in rural Queensland by the actions of the temple police in this country aided by forces in the Vatican. P
The same anti-Papal pen wrote:- P  The former Josef Ratzinger, so outraged at his enforced conscription into the Hitler Youth, now Pope Benedict XVI, should have a greatly heightened perception of the moral outrages involved here.   ...
We in the rest of the world have developed deep admiration for the German people for the way in which they have acknowledged their past error under Hitler and Nazism and become leaders amongst the nations of the democratic world.
The same could be applied to Pope John Paul II who was beatified yesterday and who saw the entire Polish nation subjugated to the will of a minority.
What an irony that these two leaders today have been the chief sponsors of a similar takeover of Catholicism? P

Hard to believe that this could have been written in a 'Catholic' web-site, isn't it?
By 'Catholics'?

But that poison pen had plenty more to say although I will not use up further good space for such defiant attacks on The Church of Jesus Christ.
The short story of Bishop Morris is that he has indicated support for priestesses and for acceptance of Protestant ministers to take up vacancies in the Catholic Priesthood, as well as supporting the third rite of reconciliation for general day-to-day use.
At least that is what sparked off an investigation five years ago, by Rome, in the person of that wonderful Archbishop Chaput of the United States, who thoroughly checked out the Toowoomba situation personally, on behalf of the Magisterium.
There has been ongoing discussions over these five years between Rome and Toowoomba, obviously without any sort of reconciliation, and so Bishop Morris has been dismissed, after being given opportunity after opportunity, even by the Pope personally, to resign.

We now have the 'liberal Catholics' publicly voicing their hurts and outrages at this unhappy incident.

It would seem that these false hurts and pretentious outrages are considerable and somewhat numerous.

So much so, that one has to get
the impression that the temple police
have done quite a thorough job
in their efforts to control abuses
within Church parameters.

These temple police are now being roundly attacked because of their rightful demands for valid Church Liturgy, education and guidelines which are being ignored and even, criticised, by many within The Church even within the Clergy!
Can you believe this incredible insanity?

Here (as quoted above)
we have the 'cartholica' website
inciting Australian Bishops
to take on the moral courage
exhibited by Jesus himself,

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