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Musings 2010/258

is exceptionally important
for The Church in Australia
but also The Church in the world.

This is an historical document
of great import.
It is worthwhile recalling that this same Archbishop Wilson accompanied Bishop Morris in his meetings with Rome including that with the Pope, himself.
The Archbishop speaks for all of the Australian Bishops and absolutely confirms the need for Bishop Morris' removal, albeit in the nicest possible way--under the circumstances.
Importantly, the letter confirms the Faith of the Australian Bishops in the absolute supremacy of Benedict XVI, Vicar of Christ and salutes him in his firm--if delayed--action on the Toowoomba crisis.
The Archbishop confirmed that Bishop Morris was a heretic--i
t was judged that there were problems of doctrine and discipline.
Further he stated that the Bishop continues to be a heretic--
we regret that these (problems) could not be resolved.
The anti-Catholics who proclaimed support for Bishop Morris, were totally check-mated through the Archbishop's document, and left with nothing on which to clutch.
The Archbishop drove the final nail into the coffin of the post-modernists when he proclaimed the support of the Australian Bishops for the temporary Bishop of Toowoomba, Bishop Finnigan.

The Archbishop's letter
is a masterpiece of diplomacy
and a brilliant thrust
against the works of evil
and it will be, because of its genius,
fatal to the post-modernist cause
in Australia.

The whole process of the removal of a heretical Bishop from authority with the subsequent total support of the Australian Bishops, is truly an historical upheaval in Catholicism in this country.

The Bishops in Australia
who would have otherwise
supported Bishop Morris
must be terrified.

They should be, for their time has also come. It is not justified that one heretical Bishop is sacked while leaving others, equally as bad, in their Bishopric chairs.
In that respect, I would suggest that other Bishops are even now, thinking about resignation and if not, about what they can do, to remain in authority.

We can give acknowledgement
to Bishop Morris, in an unhappy way,
because had it not been for him,
this historic movement
in Catholicism in Australia
would not have happened.

And we can thank, with deep gratitude,
temple police
who took it upon themselves
to make the Bishop's heretical actions
known to the appropriate quarters.
Play on words.
One modern claim is that love is all-important and that truth does not come into the equation because truth is changeable.
This of course, is a crass self-contradiction.

In making such a claim about love,
the claimant is claiming that
what he says
is the truth.

But then, immediately undermining his own flat statement, he excludes truth as an important issue or that truth is only what a person believes!!
In other words he is saying that his own statement-of-a-truth is unimportant and/or that one does not have to believe it!!
Really, he is saying that what he says is not really the truth!!

I make this observation because
Love is God
and is therefore All-important, but
Truth is God, too.

Thus Love and Truth are both essential for Salvation. Certainly Love and Truth are vital in The Church of Christ--One can not exist without the Other.
But then I read another play on words -

sometimes Faith is more important
then Obedience.

This statement was made with relation to my Musings Heartsare 2011/257 on the SSPX, of which the writer is supportive, and was made to me because she stated I was not only attacking the SSPX but also my own friends in that schismatic group.
(It has also been suggested to me that I have been rather harsh on members of the SSPX and if I have been extreme in my choice of words,
I most certainly do sincerely apologise.)
The play on the words 'Faith' and 'Obedience' is another self-contradictory statement, as if one could exist without the

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