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Musings 2010/258


A religious faith
can be accurately
measured by one's
to that faith.

The greater the faith, the greater the obedience.
It is like an electrician wiring up a new home. He knows precisely what must be done (faith in electrical applications) and he follows that knowledge (obedience).
If he decides to install the wiring in any other manner, he knows that he may put people's lives at risk--and his own life as well.
In my recognition of Mary's Motherhood of the Messiah, God-made-man, it occurred to me many years ago, that motherhood is not just a great vocation in life,

but that it is the greatest vocation.

At least, equal to the greatest vocation, for I must think that the Priesthood of The Church would be the greatest vocation.
There are a few great urgencies in mankind's existence--the basic necessity for food and the absolute need for survival.
As well, there is the basic spiritual need to be conscious of The Creator; that we are His creatures and so, have a valuable function to perform.
Motherhood, at its proper, normal level, fulfils all these needs and fulfils them to perfection, in the very imitation of God Himself.
What other vocation in life comes close to the great Work of Motherhood?
World political leaders?
International business leaders?
Great artists or inventors?
Scientists, doctors, explorers, scholars or sportsmen?
No. No. No.
These wonderful works of men and women are certainly most happy contributions to the advancement and fulfilment of the human race, but beside the Work of Motherhood, they are merely secondary and themselves, rely on Motherhood.
There is only one Work in the human fields of endeavour that can compare with Motherhood and that is the Priesthood of Catholicism.
Yet, even the Priesthood that comes from Christ Himself, is only possible because of the mothers who brought forth and nourished, taught and guided priestly candidates.
Just as the Eternal-priesthood of Christ Himself, relied upon the co-operation of His glorious Mother.
And of course, Fatherhood, is also to be considered in relation to Motherhood, even though it is an unfortunate but necessary reality that the father is often away from the family unit and can never replace the work of the mother.
The Work of Fatherhood is also of unquestionable importance to the survival and the perfecting of the human race even as the father must withdraw, so to speak, once the child is fashioned in the womb, to allow the mother to bring to the miraculous fulfilment, the creation of a new human being, made in the  Likeness of The Creator!
St. Joseph
The foster-father of Jesus Christ, Joseph, reminds us of the importance of Fatherhood.
Because Joseph, being foster-father of Jesus and spouse of The Virgin, perfectly reflects The Eternal-spirit, Who brought forth the Child in The Virgin's womb on behalf of The Eternal-father.
The Eternal-spirit thus
overshadowed The Virgin on behalf of BOTH The Eternal-father and the foster-father, Joseph.
Yet, Joseph, in likeness of The Spirit, took his part in Salvation history, though his essential role in co-operating with The Eternal-father, out of Whom proceeded The Eternal-son.
And so I realise the great importance of Fatherhood also.
P 1   1  27  And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them.
1 1 28  And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.
In due course in the history of man, God gave guidelines on how he should live on the earth, such as the Ten Commandments,

but in the beginning
God gave only one instruction:-
increase and multiply.

In giving this instruction, The Almighty gave stupendous honour to Motherhood and Fatherhood, the first and essential Work required by the male and female--being in the image of God.
P 1 3 16 To the woman also he said: I will multiply thy sorrows, and thy conceptions: in sorrow shalt thou bring forth children, and thou shalt be under thy husband's power, and he shall have dominion over thee. P Genesis
Because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, The Almighty punished
the woman in this way--in her Motherhood.
Further proof where The Almighty indicated the extreme importance of Motherhood (and Fatherhood) because punishment always relates to removal of something vital.
We see then that the first scenes of mankind in his initial creation, relate to populating the earth and even in his disobedience, the punishment also related to this populating the earth--in a special way, to Motherhood.
It is easy to perceive, then, the importance of Motherhood whereby the human being co-operates with The Creator in bringing forth a human life; a human person; a human soul!
Thus The Church calls this Work of Motherhood
pro-creation thus aligning it with the Work of The Creator Himself.
As the old and true saying goes:-
The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
What is Faith?
This is an intriguing question. I have mentioned the matter in these columns before but it remains a question mark--to me, anyway.
The intellect perceives that God exists, for it is inconceivable that the universe just appeared or always existed, of itself.

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