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Musings 2010/258

To believe this fantasy, the mind becomes bogged down because if the universe exists of itself and all its contents come from it, all its powers and beauties and variations and mysteries, then that means the universe is actually god!!
What is God if not The Creator Who always existed; the Source of all things; the Designer; the Power; the Uncreated.
But some say that the universe is all these things and thus, to them:- the universe is god.
This unrealistic claim belongs to the realm of insanity, for the human intellect realises that the awful concept that the universe is god is far more difficult to accept and to understand then the Reality of God.
That unreal concept leads to depravation because morality and the natural law become nonsense and love becomes merely a useful word for base things. The law of the jungle must be the first and most important rule where god is a mass of matter and energy.

Indeed, if the universe is god,
then mankind,
because he is in the process
of conquering matter and energy,
has become greater then this god!!

So, the intellect does perceive that The Almighty, The Creator, exists, and it was He Who brought forth the universe.
The intellect knows this to be true yet at the same time, a God Who is the very Source of the entire universe, providing the basic fabric and the energy and design for it, is quite beyond out understanding.
Thus the intellect knows the Existence of God but can not fathom this stupendous Truth.
In spite of not being able to fathom the Truth of the Divinity, the human being nevertheless, believes in what he perceives but can not understand.
This has to be faith.
The human being, realising that he was non-existent 150 years ago (indeed the whole population of the earth did not exist 150 years ago), clearly perceives that he is a creature brought forth by The Creator!
In realising this, he comprehends that the creature can not possibly fully understand The Creator of the entire universe--which includes himself. In fact, he is forced to realise that he has trouble comprehending the world around him, let alone The One who created it.
Thus the faith of the human being, which follows upon the sure reasoning of his intellect, becomes understandable and acceptable in his realisation that the Mystery of The Uncreated Almighty can never be fully understood.
Yet his faith is happily repaid a thousand fold when he becomes more and more aware of the Persons of the Godhead and his comprehension expands in joyous gratitude.
He understands that his faith is vindicated and that The Almighty shares the Truth about Himself with the man of faith; shares His very Being with him.
Faith then, is not some hairy-fairy and nice feeling the human being clutches at, as if he didn't really know that God exists and uses this faith as a sort of crutch to get him through life.

The man of faith
does know that God exists
and his faith
is an extrapolation
of his intellect
and embraces what he is unable
to understand.

It is clearly a fact that man understands very little about the universe, and the more he does understand, the more he realises he doesn't understand.
It is an unreal attitude of self-delusion then, to think that if the human being does not understand something then that something does not exist--as is so often advocated.
Some post-modernists, for example, claim that there is no such thing as miracles, because mankind can not explain them!! So they busy themselves in working out how Jesus did His 'miracles'.
A good example is the miracle of the loaves and fishes which some pro-modernists claim resulted because Jesus appealed to the charity of the gathered multitude and they all contributed from their personal supplies and so, presto, there was abundance!!
Yet, Scripture tells a different story.
P  48 8 2  I have compassion on the multitude, for behold they have now been with me three days, and have nothing to eat. P Mark
You see, not only do such post-modernists undermine the miracles of Jesus but they thus make Him out to be a liar, for Jesus said
they have nothing to eat.
The multitude witnessed the miracles of the multiplication of the fishes and loaves, and knew that these miracles actually happened, but they did not understand how these miracles could occur.
Nor do we.
Thus they had knowledge of the miraculous events, but could not comprehend them. Still, they believed in the miracles and this belief is a type of the faith that mankind has in his Creator.
Faith then, is an amazing, a wonderful, Gift to the human being and is a irreplaceable companion to the intellect.
True intellect and true Faith are inseparable; the one compliments the other--the one supports and proves the other.
P   69 5 2  In this we know that we love the children of God: when we love God, and keep his commandments.
69   5   3  For this is the charity of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not heavy. 69 5 4  For whatsoever is born of God, overcometh the world:

and this is the victory
which overcometh the world,
our faith. P(First John)

Pursuit of union
PHoly Communion is about union with Christ and each other in the Body of Christ.

In pursuit of that union
part of our sacrifice of praise
is to forgo our personal preferences

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