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Musings 2010/258

and expectations and rights
so that our worship is with one voice.

So the ritual requires of us to participate in various actions as one. P
Thus states a local Priest with regard to the request to him to provide kneelers for those who have been required to cease genuflecting before receiving The Lord in Holy Communion--i.e. kneelers, as an alternative for real-Catholics.
In the same correspondence he wrote:-
P  In any case I will continue to promote the recommendations of our Bishops.  P
It is the old story where the real-Catholic sees erosion of the Catholic traditions to which he has been accustomed,

while those who steal these traditions
before his very eyes--in the process--
create disunity with The Church,

in their disregard for liturgical guidelines and in their intents in changing The Universal Church into a thing accepted by the world--into a community where all beliefs are acceptable--where truth is what your conscience tells you!
It is the same old story -  where real-Catholics stand amazed and heart-broken while their church building is renovated into something unrecognisable as Catholic.
These real-Catholics over the decades have witnessed Catholic sermons deteriorate into  feel-good homilies which are remarkable in that there is never mention of the stupendous need for the Sacrament of Confession; no instruction on the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, Body, Soul, Divinity .. etc.
The Church's stand against abortion, euthanasia, contraceptives, homosexuality and the other evils of the world, are not seconded by Her Clerics of the modernist ilk and the real-Catholics are left standing alone in support of Church morality.
Year after year, the real-Catholics have been required to
forgo their personal preferences and expectations and rightswhich, in fact, are all too often the very expectations of The Universal Church.
The situation has now arisen where modernism has advanced so far in The Church in Queensland, that the real-Catholics have become the minority.
This awful situation has become the norm to such an extent that the real-Catholics are perceived to be out of step with
the Queensland church--and of course, they are--for they are part of The Universal Church in Queensland.
As a result of this post-modernist advance, the post-modernist 'Catholic' is now able to legitimately state to the real-Catholic that he is out of step with the 'Catholic' church in his Parish!!!!
And so, he should
forgo his personal preferences and expectations and rights.


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