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Musings 2011/259

Petition against the Pope; the Australian Bishops and The Church

The following anti-Catholic letter to Australian Catholic Parishes and the open-letter (petition) to the Pope, the Australian Bishops and The Church comes from:-
I have mentioned this site (Catholica) before with regard to its disgraceful support of Bishop Morris when sacked from Toowoomba bishopric.
Highlights are mine.
TO: The Parish Priest, Pastoral Associate and Parish Council
Catholics for Renewal
Dear Father, Pastoral Associate and Parish Council Members,
Please find enclosed copies of an Open Letter to Pope Benedict and the Bishops of Australia with provision for signatures, and some background notes  .  which you may find helpful.
Under Canon Law all Christ's faithful have a right and a duty in keeping with their knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to their pastors their views on matters which concern the good of the Church
As there is much in the Church today that concerns many Catholics, we believe we must speak out now while our Bishops are preparing for their Ad Limina visit. In expressing our concerns we have sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit

so that we might write
with frankness, sincerity
and respect.

While we point out failings and shortcomings, we also state our hopes and needs.
We request the following:
that you publicise the Open Letter in the parish bulletin, parish school newsletter and/or public announcements, and invite parishioners, teachers and parents to read and sign it. An online version for viewing and signing is at:;
that you make available copies of the Open Letter (with signature spaces) in the churches and schools of your parish.
You are welcome to duplicate the Letter;
that prior to 23 August 2011 you return all signed copies of the Letter to:
Catholics for Renewal, The Pines LPO,
PO Box 3244. The Pines, VIC, 3109.
We will forward the Open Letter with signatures to Pope Benedict and the Australian Bishops prior to the Ad Limina.
We thank you for your cooperation.

Pondering on the facts of the century-old invasion of The Church by modernists, neo-modernists and post-modernists, this letter of requests (one feels that 'demands' might be the right word) is

the height of impudence.

The letter mentions Code of Canon Law 212, 2/3 as its base for criticism and demands. Pity it didn't also note 212,1, which states:- Christ's Faithful are bound to show Christian obedience to what the sacred Pastors, who represent Christ, declare as teachers of The Faith and prescribe as rulers of The Church.
Their open-letter follows:-
P The Open Letter has been prepared to assist our bishops' discussions with the Pope in October - please encourage your friends to consider signing. ## Please note: 'line voided' usually indicates the removal of spam; voided spam is reported to petition site managers for investigation. - Catholics for Renewal Inc
To:Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Bishops of Australia
Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Bishops of Australia

Dear Pope Benedict and Bishops of Australia,
We, the undersigned Catholics of Australia, write to you regarding our concerns for the Church. We ask that you consider these matters during the 2011 Ad Limina visit.
As Christ's faithful, we must speak out.
Under Canon Law we have a right and a duty in keeping with our knowledge, competence and position, to manifest to our pastors our views on matters which concern the good of the Church

The Church no longer adequately inspires many of our communities.

It has alienated too many adults who were born of Catholic parents, attended Catholic schools, and lived a sacramental life.
It has become disconnected from, and irrelevant to the lives of too many of our children.
With fewer priests, its ability to provide regular Eucharist in our parishes, especially in rural areas, has become increasingly limited.
As an institution it does not yet embody the vision of Vatican II for a truly collegial Church in which decisions respect local cultures, communities and circumstances.
Rather, it appears as an institution focussed on centralism, legalism and control,
with few effective structures for listening and dialogue, and often more concerned with its institutional image and interests than the spirit of Christ.

Our Church
has been tainted

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