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11-Jul-01. Each Person Is Given The Impetus To Embrace These Virtues By The Infinite Merits Of Jesus . p. 77.
27-Jul-01. The Harmony Of The New Era Will Be The Same Harmony Of The Garden Of Eden . p. 77.
3-Aug-01. How Difficult It Is To Share The Gifts Given To Me By The Eternal-Father When My Child Is Impatient And Angry . p. 78.
8-Aug-01. And So I Must Remind You To Be Patient And Submissive To God's Will . p. 78.
16-Aug-01. These Gifts From Heaven Are There In The Depths Of Your Being . p. 78.
23-Aug-01.  The Resurrection Follows The Death . p. 78.
31-Aug-01. The Pendulum Swings Your Way - God's Pendulum . p. 78.
7-Sep-01. Truth Is The Measure Of Things, Worldly And Spiritually . p. 78.
13-Sep-01. You Belong To Me, Do You Not? Of Course Then, I Belong To You . p. 79.
22-Sep-01. For The Will Of The Father Unfolds So Wonderfully And So Precisely . p. 79.
27-Sep-01. The Love Between Us Is The Spirit Who Issues From The Father And The Son And Is The Love They Have . p. 79.
12-Oct-01. Because His Great Love For Mankind Brought Forth My Immaculate Conception . p. 79.
20-Oct-01. Will Experience Continual Ecstasy And Will Perceive Jesus So Fully And Wonderfully In The Eucharist . p. 79.
25-Oct-01. This Is So, For It Is So With Jesus, Himself - My Adored Son . p. 80.
6-Nov-01. How Necessary For Mankind - Which Hungers For Love That Never Fails - For Truth That Lasts Forever - For Goodness, Pure And Eternal . p. 80.
22-Nov-01 When You Are Lowest In Your Self-Esteem, I Am Closest To You - When Down And Out, I Hold You Closer To My Heart . p. 80.
24-Nov-01. In This Salvation My Adored Son Opens The Way Of Truth . p. 80.
6-Dec-01. This Is What Faith Is - The Ability To Know A Truth Even Though You Do Not Understand It . p. 81.
10-Dec-01. So Much Does God Respect The Free-Will Of Man . p. 81.
14-Dec-01. . p. 81.
For I Offered My Adored Son, Jesus, The Christ, To Him On Calvary . p. 81.
20-Dec-01. For Otherwise The Gift From The Father Would Be Empty And The Son Could Not Take The Gift To Himself . p. 81.
27-Dec-01. The Eternal-Father Reaches Out For You . p. 82.
4-Jan-02. Love Is The Destination Of Truth For Truth Is The Way . p. 82.
5-Jan-02.  It Will Surprise Very Many That My Children Around The World, Comprise The Majority . p. 82.
8-Jan-02. I Store Away Your Treasure For You. I Join Them To My Own . p. 83.
10-Jan-02. For In Embracing Your Crosses You Embrace The Very Will Of The Eternal-Father . p. 83.
31-Jan-02. Radiate This Peace By Your Constancy In Obedience To The Universal Church . p. 83.
8-Feb-02. The World Is To Perceive, Clearly, The Great Work Of The Heavenly-Father And This Great Work Is:-  His Immaculate Conception . p. 83.

11-Feb-02.  In Fact, Great And Wonderful Events Are Occurring . p. 83.
27-Feb-02.  I Did Not Have A Heavenly Mother . p. 83.
A Poor Sign of Your Trust in Your Mother . go to
10-Mar-02. I do not forget that they are the ones who carry The Cross of The Church . go to
11-Mar-02. Yes, my children will read these words and the words will penetrate their hearts . go to
18-Mar-02. I am The Mother by way of the very person of each of my children, for their persons issue directly from The Father . go to
22-Mar-02.  for humility is based on Truth . go to
The Truth of my Immaculate Conception consoles my children . go to
God belongs to us. . go to
The Love will be found in the New Jerusalem that is descending, even now, upon creation . go to
19-Apr-02. In acknowledging His Work - my Immaculate Conception - the whole world will immediately perceive the one, true Church of Jesus Christ . go to
You know this Peace as you place yourself and your burdens before the Tabernacle that houses Peace. . go
Thus I am truly able, as Queen of Heaven, to come to you personally and open my Heart to you as one child of God to another . go
Man's only absolute possession, in his own right, and by his own effort is the great amen . go
Be confident then, as you approach your Mother, who is so gentle and loving and so meek with her children . go
Every day is a gift to creation . go
30-May-02.  Marvellous events will take place in this Era but the greatest will relate to The Holy Eucharist . go
My child knows that he may dare present himself to his Creator when clothed in my own glory.' . go
The Image of Goodness .go
How wonderful to be little on earth .go
You are expected to assist in carrying The Cross of The Universal Church  .go
.. heralds His Era of Love. .go
22-Aug-02.   The Church of Christ will be steadfast and sure and obedient and co-operative in this Eucharistic Era of Love!  .go.
29-Aug-02.   This is why I am The Mother of all of God's Children, beginning with Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son    go.
13-Aug-02.   Expect great things to happen.      go.

13-Sep-02. The new Adam and the new Eve will come forth in The Universal Church  ..go
19-Sep-02.  In the light of my Immaculate Conception and of my Motherhood of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, I bring you to Him. ..go
27-Sep-02. Love issues by the power of Truth   ..go
3-Oct-02 Look forward to this Era of The Spirit as it unravels its majesties and wonders and miracles   ..go
14-Oct-02 This Peace will issue from The Eucharist of The Universal Church   ..go
25-Oct-02 Knowledge and Truth will flood the earth - is flooding the  earth - and The Truth will set it free..go
31-Oct-02.  Then well do you approach Him in the light of my Immaculate Conception ..go

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