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Musings 2010/258

And further, like the SSPX, they put the blame on the Pope and his Magisterium for the problems in The Church

when it is obvious to all,
that it is actually the Pope
and his Magisterium
that has kept The Church intact
not only now,
but over the past century

throughout the incredible modernist attack upon the very roots of The Church where  the danger is present almost in the very veins and heart of the Church. (Pascendi)
Is it possible that these people are merely ignorant of the circumstances? Are they merely pawns of the devil? Or are they associated with the devil?
Take your pick.
But, in any case, here they are crying 'foul' pretending only good intentions for The Church.
Fortunately, their crass observations and intentions will be easily perceived by the Pope and the Australian Bishops (most of the latter, anyway).
call for an outward-facing Church totally committed to justice, peace, ecumenism and dialogue with other faiths, and which advocates unequivocally for the rights of the oppressed and disadvantaged while tending practically to their needs, as if The Church was not doing this!!!!
And they object to the new English translation of the Mass Liturgy,
the patriarchal attitude of the Magisterium, claiming an extended claim to infallibility, stating that The Church, As an institution ... does not yet embody the vision of Vatican II.
So, while they avoided use of the spirit of Vatican two, they have used the vision of Vatican II.
So, The Church has failed to fulfil
the vision of Vatican Two! These people tell the Pope and his Bishops that they, with their predecessors, have failed to follow through with the guidelines of Vatican Two. I use the word 'guidelines' which are the actual requirements of Vatican Two--and is NOT the spirit or vision, as these people see it, of Vatican Two.
vision of what Vatican Two required is absolutely different from the actual guidelines set out in full in the numerous documents of this marvellous Council.
We see here and elsewhere:- these people want The Church to be directed and controlled according to their own spiritualities and wisdoms, not as the infallible Vicar of Christ and his Magisterium would have it!
Thus they pour criticism upon Benedict XVI, upon all that he does, pretending concern for The Church, just as their predecessors have done for over a hundred years.
The petition also makes the following criticisms:-

The Church no longer adequately inspires many of our communities
It has alienated too many adults
It has become disconnected from, and irrelevant to the lives of too many of our children
With fewer priests, its ability to provide regular Eucharist in our parishes, especially in rural areas, has become increasingly limited.
it appears as an institution focused on centralism, legalism and control tainted by injustice and blemished by bad decisions
These concerns undermine confidence and trust in you our leaders

Pascendi Pius X--1907.
P  2.   That We should act without delay in this matter is made imperative especially by the fact that the partisans of error are to be sought not only among the Church's open enemies;

but, what is to be most dreaded
and deplored,
in her very bosom,

and are the more mischievous the less they keep in the open.

We allude, Venerable Brethren,
to many who belong to the Catholic laity,
and, what is much more sad,
to the ranks of the priesthood itself,
who, animated by a false zeal
for the Church,
lacking the solid safeguards
of philosophy and theology,
nay more, thoroughly imbued
with the poisonous doctrines
taught by the enemies
of the Church,
and lost to all sense of modesty,
put themselves forward
as reformers of the Church;

and, forming more boldly into line of attack, assail all that is most sacred in the work of Christ, not sparing even the Person of the Divine Redeemer, whom, with sacrilegious audacity, they degrade to the condition of a simple and ordinary mall. P
This was the way modernism was in 1907 and which it has been ever since and which is copied by the neo-modernists and the post-modernists of today.
Supporters of The Open Letter (Petition)
On checking on those who have so far signed this incredible petition, (30/8/11) I found that some 4,400 people had put their names to it--from around Australia.
This can be found at the web site detailed above.
I noticed on many pages, however, the words
line voided, and indeed, the great majority of the latter pages showed far more line voided lines then names of petitioners!!!

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