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Musings 2010/258

These line voided lines were, nevertheless, included in the 4,400!!!
Society of St. Pius Tenth--SSPX
It seems to me that there are two kinds of adherents to the SSPX.
One consisting of real-Catholics who just can not stand what is happening to their Parishes by modernist infiltrators and flee to the SSPX Holy Mass for their own sanity.

These await, with urgency,
the opportunity to return
into the Fold
of The Universal Church.

Then we have the activist SSPX member who is out to discredit Catholicism so as to convince himself, and others, that the SSPX is the real answer for the problems found in The Church of Jesus Christ!
He is no longer in the SSPX for consolation; to escape what is happening in The Church.
No, he has gone beyond that.
This activist member has particular problems in that he does not want to be classified as a Sedevacantist (that is, one who believes that the Chair of Peter is vacant because the present occupier is an impostor).
Thus, he believes--he tells himself--that the Pope is the  legitimate Vicar of Christ; that he is Peter; that he is the supreme leader of Christendom; that he must be given full obedience.

This causes great problems
because the activist
is in schism with The Church
yet he claims to be obedient
to the Pope!!

The SSPX remains in schism.

In actual fact, the activist
is definitely in a state
of disobedience
to the Pope
and is, in fact, in defiance of him!!

How can he appease his conscience in this tragic contradiction?
The activist overcomes this dilemma (he thinks) by claiming he obeys the Pope when the Pope speaks with the full authority of Peter, but refuses to obey him in almost every other aspect.
he decides when the Pope is speaking infallibly - as directed by the SSPX.)
Because he refuses obedience in this anti-Catholic manner, he feels that he must defend his position of disobedience by personally undermining all general instructions of the Pope and even by undermining the character of the Pope, claiming, for example, that the Pope is indeed the Vicar of Christ but when
not embracing his infallible Gift, he is a mere mortal, subject to all the awful traits of humanity.
In this manner, the activist feels that he does not have to obey a mere mortal of such poor character (as he claims he is) prone to making poor decisions and capable of acting badly before God and before man.
(In the meantime he will certainly obey his SSPX leader!)
You will always find then, in the SSPX activist, that he proclaims to one and all that he faithfully obeys the Pope.
At the same time, he is ever-ready to suggest alleged deficiencies in what the Pope does and what the Pope says.
He is every-ready to point to anything in The Church that smacks of modernism,

as if this was the fault
of The Church
and even, the fault
of the Pope
and the Bishops united to him!!!
Accordingly, Archbishop Lefebre
taught his followers
to be content to be disobedient
to the Pope and his Magisterium!!!!

He stated the following in his reply to the question



P Now our disobedience is motivated by the need to keep the Catholic Faith. The orders being given us clearly express that they are being given us in order to oblige us to submit without reserve to the Second Vatican Council, to the post-conciliar reforms, and to the prescriptions of the Holy See,

that is to say,
to the orientations and acts
which are undermining our Faith
and destroying the Church.

It is impossible for us to do this. To collaborate in the destruction of the Church is to betray the Church and to betray Our Lord Jesus Christ. P
On the same web site the Archbishop states:-
P Doubts on the necessity of the Church, the sole source of salvation, on the Catholic Church as the only true religion, emanating from the declarations on ecumenism and religious liberty are destroying the authority of the Church's Magisterium. In fact, Rome is no longer the unique and necessary Magistra Veritatis. P
Here and elsewhere the Archbishop attacks the Second Vatican Council, ... the post-conciliar reforms, and ... the prescriptions of the Holy See which are undermining our Faith and destroying the Church.
For these and other reasons the Archbishop declares it is lawful to disobey The Church, and the SSPX activists have gladly followed these guidelines.
Here, we perceive the reasoning of those activists who claim obedience and loyalty (well,
obedience anyway) to the Pope, but are quite ready to denigrate him at every opportunity.

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