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Musings 2010/258

all due regard for right doctrine and proper order. Page 19  GN VC2
Priestly Life
Vatican Two made it abundantly clear that the Priesthood is a ministry where Priests act in the Person of Christ Himself Who through them, unceasingly fulfils the mission He received from The Father. Page 21  GN VC2
We have already noted the modernist attempt to destroy the Priesthood and the family unit from which the Priest comes.
Religious liberty
P The Declaration on Religious Liberty does not state that all religious beliefs are equally true or that man is free to pass, as he wishes, from one to another.P Page 23 GN VC2
Of course not. The Council merely declares the obvious--people have the right to choose and to practice their religion.
Somehow, the modernist has leached from this Council document the incredible idea that one religion is as good as another; an obvious error. So obvious that he does not preach it outright but indirectly.
One method of promoting an obvious error like this is to encourage equal study of all religions. Students might then come to the conclusion that perhaps, Catholicism is not THE religion, but one of many. Certainly it leads to a weakened Faith where Church Doctrines no longer seem of supreme importance.
In many modernist activities, some mentioned above, coming under the banner 'spirit of Vatican', The Church has suffered gravely as never before, losing hundreds of thousand of Priests and millions of Nuns and Brothers in the process, as well as whole generations of Catholics, in some nations.
Nevertheless, Vatican Council Two confirmed Doctrines of past ages, explained some in greater detail and provided guidelines in dealing with non-Catholic Christians, non-Christians and the world in general.
The Church, through Vatican Two, opened Her arms to the whole world, bending over backwards in every effort to share Her Truth and Her Beauty.
The Church, in no uncertain way, highlighted yet again, the great Catholic characters of devotion to The Virgin and all the Saints, obedience to Christ's Vicar on earth, Peter, and adoration of Christ in the Eternal Eucharist.
Thus did Vatican Two reach out to all creation, midst the century given over to the devil, when She was under attack from all sides, from without and from within.
In spite of the enemies of The Church, within and without, doing every possible thing to cripple Her and to crucify Her, She has survived.

Her enemies buried Her,
as dead,
raising up a new-parallel-church
and now, they stand amazed
--as will future generations--
to see Her alive and well.

Not only alive and well,
but victorious and even now,
proceeding into the
new evangelisation,
new spring time which, in a short time,
will encompass the entire earth;
which will delight in Her Radiance
over a long era of Peace.

This will be the fruit of Vatican Council Two.

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