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Musings 2010/260

In that case, it would realise that it must urgently reunite with The Church for She has need of all real-Catholics.
But alas, the longer the schism lasts, the further it moves from The Church.
As I pointed out in the last issue, the reason for schism feeds upon itself, demanding more and more explanations and proofs, and with each 'proof' it becomes more and more the tool of the devil.
External attacks
While The Church wreathed in agony and turmoil through these internal traumas, the enemy increased its external attacks--unrelentingly, for the past 100 years and more.
Controlling much of the mass media, it perpetrated deception and with increased technology, such as television, this deception filled homes around the world with every lying propaganda, available even to infants.

One might even suggest
that television has raised
from their earliest years,
many millions of children,
contributing just as much as parents.

Science did its share in undermining The Church over the past century, promoting atheistic evolution, providing all types of tools for artificial contraception and making abortion and euthanasia 'easier', more 'acceptable' and 'safer'.
Trade and politics also assisted the advance of evil, in numerous ways, ensuring that certain countries (non Catholic) became wealthy while ensuring that others (Catholic) remained poor and desperate.
Trade and politics also ensured that the wealthy nations, in their excess of wealth, became destitute in the moral field, creating selfishness and greed and lust, while the destitute nations were forced to accept policies of abortion and mass contraception--in exchange for aid and assistance--in spite of their Catholic origin and character.
Political correctness which somehow appeared upon the world scene, guided peoples and nations towards 'toleration' of anything and everything, and under this camouflage, abortion, homosexuality and euthanasia were given fullest promotion.
The same 'toleration' was not proposed for and was not available to, the family unit or to the natural law.
Demise of Truth; death of Catholicism
And so, what with the internal and the external attacks upon The Church of Christ, led by the Bishop of Rome, the supreme target set for absolute destruction--that is to say, TRUTH--became damaged, corrupted and hidden.
And so, the world perceived the demise of The Holy Catholic Church.
In the tomb
But, what did Christ bring to the world?
He brought Himself.
And He is
The Son of God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Light.
He is
the Word of God.
The Word that comes from The Eternal-father and this Word tells us the Truth of things.
And so, he is Truth-personified.
What did Jesus Christ give to the world?
He gave the world The Universal Church and what is The Universal Church?
The Universal Church is the
Treasury of The Truth.
So we clearly realise that the attacks upon Christ and upon His Church, are in reality, attacks upon Truth.
Christ is Truth. Catholicism is Truth.

That is the very reason
deception has reigned around the world
for the past hundred years.

If we look around the world, noting the successes of everything that is anti-Catholic, we clearly note that all this has been achieved by deception.
Deception in politics, science, education, mass media, religion and even, in The Church Herself.
Indeed, it is apparent to anyone who has a zest for numbers, that The Church has been overcome, defeated and buried.
The Triumph
God is not defeated.
His Christ is not defeated.
His Church is not defeated.
Peter has saved The Church: Her Popes, who have been absolutely steadfast in the Truth.
What stupendous Popes we have had over the past 100 years!! Saints everyone.
For Peter is infallible. Peter is the defender and the preacher of Truth.
The Pope exists for one thing ONLY and that is Truth.

And, even today,
when The Church seems
dead and buried,
the Pope remains
in his Office
and the Truth remains
in his hands.

The Truth has not been lost to the world.
The Truth once more, comes to the peoples of the world; once more spreads throughout The Church, conquering everything and everyone.
This is the Triumph that comes to the world--The Spirit of Truth.
Sign of Truth
What will be the sign of this Spirit?
It will be the affirmation of the Catholic Dogma:- The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary.
While the Orthodox Christians have a deep sense of Mary's Immaculate Conception and while even the Muslims perceive Mary as immaculately conceived, it is only The Catholic Church Who has defined this as Dogma and explained its meaning in full, proposing it for everyone, everywhere.

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