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7-Nov-02  Freewill is such a stupendous Gift that its use results in Heaven or in hell..go

14-Nov-02.  My children feel already the Graces of this new Era and these Graces spread across the nations...go
26-Nov-02  Look for littleness, for obscurity, for poverty for in these cloths of glory you find true Peace....go
5-Dec-02  On how we creatures must behave before Him Who gave us being...go
This is the New Pentecost and The Spirit's Work is already obvious, everywhere...go

3-Jan-03  Only in Jesus Christ can anyone attain the Glory of Heaven....go
8-Jan-03As a brother to my Son, I lead you to intimacy with Him Who is Peace....go
04-Feb-03   Now again, it is The Mother's time, just as it is The Church's time ...go
06-Feb-03   Be at ease with your station in the world....go
11-Feb-03   Even then, I was conscious of my children of the Holy Rosary ...go
20-Feb-03   Try to be conscious of this Real Presence....go
27-Feb-03   For this reason have I impressed upon your very person a great love for Truth ...go
5-Mar-03    It is a delight to 'speak' of a truth, for one speaks then of God and His Work....go
11-Mar-03  Yes, true it is that suffering in God's Arms is a sign of maturity....go
24-Apr-03  This is the Era of Love and coincided precisely with the union of Goodness and Wisdom, Which brings forth Love ...go
1-May-03.  Otherwise, you are turning down this loving Gift from Jesus, offered to you by Himself - in Person. ...go
9-May-03 With these things in mind, you may ask yourself - are you loved? ...go
15-May-03. Yes, it is because you await the new era and it seems that it will never arrive ...go
29-May-03  Yes, this privilege in suffering is a gift in so far as you are able to join your suffering to Christ's  ...go

11-Jun-03  Creation is a gift to The Son from The Father by His Love ...go

26-Jun-03.  In this they did not acknowledge Truth which was given them. ...go

3-Jul-03  Never will I desert you! ...go
10-Jul-03. This capacity is greatest among the obedient but especially upon the humble ones, the little ones
22-Jul-03 The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity will take up residence, so to speak,  in creation
30-Jul-03. But ignorance only comes back upon these evil men 
27-Aug-03. And truth obliges recognition of our littleness
4-Sep-03 This consecration which brings my children into the full exposure of my Immaculate Conception
10-Sep-03. Love issues from Goodness and Wisdom
18-Sep-03 In the blessing of my own littleness before my Creator, I bless you in your littleness
24-Sep-03 Your prayers, in humility and in suffering, reach the highest Heaven. 
2-Oct-03. I lead you and yours to a sanctuary where sin no longer holds sway
10-Oct-03 We see here that God's action in creation and in His Universal Church is of simplicity
15-Oct-03 Yes, some of my little children are outside the physical boundaries of The Church
16-Oct-03.  The Cross was for Jesus - not for you.
22-Oct-03.  The Church comes forth from the twentieth century renewed, refreshed
30-Oct-03. - Therefore the design of God revolves around these abilities of man - to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate....go
4-Nov-03. - Move through life in a cloud of Peace ...go
12-Nov-03. - While you do not have everything under control this does not mean that The Eternal-father is in the same position. ...go
19-Nov-03 - Did you expect a sudden, instant miracle of Peace? ...go
26-Nov-03. - This type of new Adam - of Jesus - is the new man of The Spirit's Era ...go
5-Dec-03 - The Era of The Spirit has already begun ...go
10-Dec-03 - What great Friends they are. ...go
17-Dec-03. From these truths the mercy of God was opened like a floodgate upon the world ...go
24-Dec-03. so that the life-blood of His Infinite Merits may circulate to all parts of The Body.
23-Jan-04. If a good can be done God, by His very Nature, will do it..  ...go

28-Jan-04. I thank you and all of my children for the prayers and hymns devoted to my Queenship ...go
13-Feb-04. All that God does is done by the Works of The Three divine Persons ...go
20-Feb-04. This is a foretaste of Heaven when you and I, and all of my children, become One in Jesus...go
24-Feb-04. And the era of my adored Son was the Era of Truth....go
8-Mar-04. The Father's gift to His little handmaid is of sensational importance to the world ...go
15-Mar-04. The Light that is The Catholic Church of John Paul II....go
24-Mar-04. ...individual beacons around the world...go
5-Apr-04. Littleness is an invitation to God to lay Gifts upon the bearer of this littleness.
21-Apr-04. I bless you with the very intimacy of my Immaculate Conception....go

27-Apr-04. The Eternal-father is fashioning The Triumph of His Queen...go
18-May-04 Beneath The Cross we view the past and the present for The Cross is the pinnacle-point of time and space...go
2-Jun-04. Do not be afraid then, of what He would ask you to do....go
4-Jun-04. The One Who laid down His Life for His friends...go
11-Jun-04. It is obvious to the men of evil who diligently, hastily but efficiently prepare for The Era of Love...go
19-Jun-04 Then ignorance will be no excuse for defiance of God's Commandments...go
23-Jun-04. This is the way of God - to give, to share. ...go
2-Jul-04. Yes, Jesus is Christ for all without exception...go
11-Jul-04. This gesture of His from The Cross became my gesture too
20-Jul-04 This is the Era of The Greatest Blessing on creation
30-Jul-04. Cling to The Truth expounded by Mother Church
4-Aug-04.  . and we do this by being One in Jesus, my adored Son...go

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