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Musings 2010/260

she again makes herself
the living Altar,
uniting her children
in perfect intimacy with her Son,
as is possible in no other way.

This is the Wisdom of God.
This is the supreme delight of the children of Mary, those
who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.   Apocalypse 12:17
What a marvellous way for us to become the more intimate with our God and His Christ.
The intention of His Church is that we should all become One in Christ--united in His Mystical Body and so Christ gives us His Church and Her Sacraments, Priesthood, Pope and Magisterium;

and so He gives us His Mother!!

All superb Gifts aimed at Oneness so that we might finally share, all the greater, the Gift of Eternal-life.


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