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Musings 2011/261

The Era of Peace
Many books, magazines, pamphlets are available about a new era of peace for the world.
I have presumed to comment about this era in these columns.
We are all clutching at straws, feeling our way through the darkness hoping to touch, with outstretched hands, something that feels like a light-switch which we might turn on and have all revealed to us.
We can quote from many sources, all, or most of them, probably sound and worthy of consideration.
(An old mate of mine, Max Lynch, once mentioned my editorials, calling them 'musings' and I have used that term ever since--thanks Max.
I like that heading for these editorials, for it suggests that what I write is exactly that:-
I mention this, for I propose to delve into unpredicted possibilities (to my knowledge).
And so I again muse on the matter of the new era.
(The three days of darkness; the era of peace; that this era precedes the anti-christ; and other matters mentioned herein, can be studied in that good book by Desmond A. Birch,
Trial, Tribulation and Triumph.)
Our Father clearly beseeches:-

Thy Kingdom come;
Thy Will be done on earth
as it is is Heaven;
Deliver us from evil.

All these requests will be granted, through the infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
Jesus stated that we should pray thus and He required this because this is what The Kingdom desperately needs--and so, would be accomplished.
We do not pray thus on the understanding that these requests will not be granted. No, we pray them on the understanding

that they will be granted.

THEREFORE, the world must experience a period when it is delivered from evil; when The Kingdom is fully established upon the earth; when The Father's Will is done on earth just as it is done in Heaven.
The first point then, is,

that the Era of Peace
is a sure prophecy.

It will come--some time.
When the various predictions are fulfilled then we will have a paradise on earth; a new Garden of Eden.
Adam and Eve failed in their original Garden, but the new Adam and Eve (Jesus and Mary) as represented by The Church of
Peter, will not fail.
Humanity failed at the beginning, but because of The Son of God's taking on a human body and soul,

humanity will not fail its Creator
the second time.

Jesus is, as He calls Himself,
the Son of Man
- and so, part of humanity -
thus guarantying that man
will not fail a second time.
No, The Universal Church, the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, will prove faithful in the new Garden of Eden, just as She has been faithful for 2,000 years.
Time, space and movement
Where Angels were asked for loyalty, their decision was eternal, but for man his decision was in time, in space and in movement.
Thus, his decision was reversible.
And it was Christ Who reversed the decision of Adam.
Although Christ reversed man's rebellion for all time and place and thus secured all creation for Himself, the fulfilment of His Victory
has to be lived out in the world, in creation.

Christ's If I be lifted up,
I will draw all things to myself,
precisely portrays
the salvation history of man.

Christ was lifted up and He did draw all things to Himself--past, present and future.
Christ has achieved the total victory at Golgotha--it is only a matter of time and effort for the victory to be absolutely fulfilled.
All creation was brought forth by The Eternal-father for His Son and, even though the devil would object to, and reject this Truth,

The Will of God
is already fulfilled
and time is merely
of His Own creation,
a means
of raising to Himself

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