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Musings 2011/261

the greatest of Saints and Angels.

Time is an impossibility?!
The Creator, The Infinite Trinity, existed.
No beginning. No end.
No before. No after.
Somehow, The Almighty created
How was this possible?
We observe in our finite existence, time, space and movement, and we put the question:-
how is it possible that God has no beginning and no end; that He is infinite?
But, the real question is How was it possible for God to create time and space?
He created movement and He created matter. He created light and darkness.
He created an environment where today's action (evil) could be balanced by tomorrow's action (good) - and vice versa.
Thus the rhythm of mankind proceeds, swaying to and fro, now faithful, now treacherous.
Even the stupendous Event of God becoming Man, did not change the ebb and flow of man's heart and soul.
Such is the incomprehensible dignity of the freewill of man.
His freewill is beyond challenge and even The Almighty must wonder:-
What have I created?!
We find then, in this period of history, that the people who populate this magnificent, gorgeous planet, have chosen technology and comfort, deception and ignorance, blindness and false hope--we have turned our back upon The Almighty Who gave us this planet; Who gave us our existence; Who became a human being for our Salvation.
How is it possible that the advances of human civilisation in every field, where information and invention and accomplishment have reached the stage of pure astonishment, yet most of humanity remain in dire ignorance--bewitched and groping, clinging to base entertainment and glittering possessions, or in a shameful state of suffering and starvation and enslavement?
What hope of man?
I look at myself and at the seven billion people on this planet, and note that even The Infinite Merits of Jesus The Christ, is not having perceivable effect--or, so it seems.
I recall that even His Own people rejected Him.
How is it possible that today's humanity will accept Him?
This does NOT seem possible.
And today's humanity has The Universal Church and Her Priesthood, Her Sacraments; Her infallible Truth, Her Doctrines!!!
Still man rebels and
will not serve.
We can only look upon the past--upon Noah, who sought to bring the humanity back to The Almighty.
In vain.
Result:- humanity virtually eliminated in
the flood.
It seems clear that man has again entrenched himself in evil, as never before, and that a remnant only, clings to the Commandments, to The Truth.
As Padre Pio writings show (23.11.1950):-
P The day of revenge, with its terrifying happenings is near -- nearer then you can imagine!

And the world is seeping
in false security!

The Divine Judgment shall strike them like a thunderbolt! These Godless and wicked people shall be destroyed without mercy,

as were the inhabitants
of Sodom and Gomorra of old.

Yes, I tell you
their wickedness
was not as great
as that of our human race today
! P
One can not be surprised therefore, that, prior to the Era of Peace, there will come disaster upon the world in the form of:-

three days of darkness.

There are prophecies that fire will fall upon the earth, perhaps by way of a massive comet.
P Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth! Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place! PPadre Pio 2.7.1950.
"Two days'" are mentioned here but in the same writings, the great man mentions this will take place
over a three day period, and it seems appropriate to me that this should happen from a Friday afternoon to the next Sunday morning (in line with Christ's time in the tomb).
There must be an explanation behind the three days of darkness and this explanation must involve nothing else then a world-wide catastrophe, whatever the cause.
This catastrophe, one would have to believe,
would be foreseen by humanity and this, plus the actual catastrophe, will force each and every person to contemplate his/her life with regard to The Almighty and so, the approaching possibility of a fearful death will ensure that the great majority of people will repent and desire reconciliation, before or during, the time for them to depart this world.
And, it is said, that the majority of people on the planet will expire during the catastrophe.
That those who will survive will be, in the main, that remnant which stood by the Commandments and The Truth.
How it seems to me
I am inclined to think that the world will be struck by a massive meteor which will actually push the earth out of its current orbit around the sun--closer in.
(I have previously suggested also, that the huge movement of the two magnetic poles over the past century--1,000 kilometres--might be the cause of the three days of darkness by the toppling of the earth. In which case, it still may be likely that this catastrophe could also veer the earth off its orbit.)
Change of earth orbit
What happened when Adam and Eve rebelled?

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