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Musings 2011/261

They were thrust from the Garden and the earth then needed to be worked upon to produce grain, milk and honey.
A major, disastrous change.
What happened when Noah stepped into the ark?
The earth flooded.
A major, disastrous change.
Is it possible that these catastrophes were caused by a change of the earth's orbit?
Scientists maintain that the earth has had ice ages and other massive world-wide upheavals, including past movement of the magnetic poles.
How is it that the people of Adam's time lived to great ages--up to 900 years?
Could it be, in part, that the earth's orbit was shorter and thus, the years quicker; the closer the orbit the swifter the passing of the year!?
If the earth moved to a closer orbit around the sun, its speed would increase (due to the impetus from the meteor).
It would
have to increase to counter the stronger gravitational pull of the sun, or it would fall into the sun.
And so, the length of a year, then, would be much shorter then in our times, which has a slower orbital movement and longer orbital distance.
Further, a closer orbit around the sun would mean that the earth's atmosphere/ionosphere would be considerably greater, spreading outwards, due to gravitational pull of the sun.
As well, evaporation would be correspondingly greater; so much so, that the oceans would be virtually depleted of their waters which would then reside in this extended atmosphere.
In such an atmosphere, the earth would experience a greenhouse effect, so that the variation of climate, everywhere, would be minimal--no extremes of temperature, no frozen poles, no equatorial heat-waves.
With such huge quantities of water in the atmosphere, rainfall would be plentiful everywhere and the whole earth would become one massive garden.
The powers of the Saints
It further seems to me, that in the new garden of Eden, man will experience the fullest capabilities available to him and these capabilities will be even greater then those of Adam, because of the Coming of Jesus, The Christ.
Man will return to being able to use 100% of his mind, of his soul and of his body, as against his current 5-10% usage.
These capabilities, I suggest, will be the equal of those of the Saints in past times--miracles will be everyday occurrences.
The astonishing feats of the Saints, even those of Jesus Himself, will be within the capability of everyone.
New heavens and new earth
Obviously, in an orbit closer to the sun, we will observe a new heavens and a new earth, as mentioned in Scripture and elsewhere.
It is prophesised that the forces of evil will be put down over the three days of darkness, leaving the whole world free of evil pressures and temptations.
Everyone, in his new, his vital and total capacity, not being hindered by the forces of evil, will perceive, understand and accept Truth.

All with know Truth.

The result will be only one religion across the face of the earth, that of Jesus Christ, and, in following His Teaching, all peoples will dwell in love and harmony, and peace.
This is so, for the world will have entered into the Era of The Spirit--The Spirit of Love and Harmony.
The last era.
I see this Era of The Spirit (where Love is the sign) as the last era, having followed the Era of The Son (where Truth is the sign) and the Era of The Father (where Goodness is the sign).
If the time of The Father's Era, that is, up to the coming of Christ, is 4,000 years as maintained by scriptural experts, and the time of The Son's Era is 2,000 years, then it seems likely that the Era of The Spirit will be for 1,000 years.
That being so, we have already entered into the Era of The Spirit, or at least, on its verge.
Because the new Adam in the Spirit's Era, will have been faithful to The Almighty, through the Infinite Merits of Christ,

the new garden
will remain
a paradise.

Evil will not be possible in this new earth or at least, it will not flourish.
That is to say, the anti-christ will not be able to raise any rebellious army anywhere upon the earth.
Who knows? But that the human race, when the anti-christ is due in 1,000 years, will have spread to many planets, taking the Christian Faith with them.
The anti-christ will have to raise his evil cohort on another planet, for the earth will always remain this New Garden.
Love and hatred
The devil has fought The Almighty and the human race,
firstly, in bringing evil
where Goodness was to have reigned.
he brought deception
where Truth was to have reigned.
he will bring hatred
where Love was to have reigned.
In spite of The Truth available to the whole universe, in the new era, and acknowledged by the whole universe, the spirit of hatred will enter the souls of man and it will be this hatred that will galvanise the last cohort of evil, under the leadership of the anti-christ.
Even in recognising God in His Goodness, Truth and Love, some of mankind will be disturbed in the further recognition that they are mere creatures--being so magnificent, as they will have become.
They will become obsessed that they are not gods and in this bewitching attitude, they will embrace hatred; they will embrace, yet again, rebellion.

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