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Musings 2011/261

This is the same type of rebellion the Angels instigated.
The Angels, especially their leader, were so glorious in every way, they felt that they
should not serve.
And so, even in their enormous stature of being, in power, beauty and knowledge, the Angels rose up against The Creator--their Creator!!
It seems impossible that a creature could rise up against its creator, but this is exactly what mankind has been doing for thousands of years.
And, like the Angels in their glorious stature, man, in his re-found perfection, will also find it unacceptable that he is a mere creature.
He wants to be god and so draws himself into the same insanity that the rebellious Angels embraced.
From this insane attitude the anti-christ will raise his army in a last attempt to achieve the impossible--defeat of God, of His Christ and His Universal Church.
Truly lunacy of the highest form.
Obedience, humility, power

It seems to me that obedience
comes from Goodness.

Adam and eve were disobedient in the Era of The Father, thus bringing the curse upon mankind.
They failed to prove, to fulfil, the goodness given to them.
Recognition of the reality of The Creator and creation, failed to keep them true.
In this, one might perceive that, had they had
obedience, the curse would not have been laid upon us.
And, by the Witness of Christ, in His humility,

I gather that humility
comes from Truth,

He being Truth-personified.

Knowing that we are creatures,
as was Jesus,
and in acknowledging our Creator,
we achieve humility.

And so, humility can be said to be the virtue that comes from true realisation (acknowledgment).

And the virtue (so to speak) that comes
from Love, is power;
pure power.

Love can be said to be the appreciation we have of The Almighty and His creation.
In our prayer (
A Humble Prayer)-- from my web site, we can gain a hope that The Spirit of God IS the very Power of God:-

I align myself
to You Eternal-father
by the almighty power of The Eternal-spirit,
Third Person of The Blessed Trinity
God from God;
He Who gives energy and impulse to
that which You has created
and to which The Eternal-son
has given design and purpose. P

The Spirit of God is Love; He is Power.
And so, what I am trying to say, is that The Almighty expects from us,

recognition, acknowledgment
and appreciation
of Himself and of His creation.

(Love God--Love neighbour.)
The new Era Of Peace will see man totally embrace this way of being and he will rise up as a truly magnificent citizen of The Kingdom.
His intellect, his spirituality, his whole being, will pulse in tune with a perfect recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of The Almighty, His Christ, His Church and His entire creation.
The Immaculate Conception
In this perfection of being, man will imitate The Immaculate Conception who perfectly reflects The Eternal-father; she, Woman of Scripture, Mother of The Christ, Queen of Heaven--the fullness of Grace.
Mary's supreme Gift from God
is this reflection of God's Goodness

she being
the pinnacle
of His Work
in all creation.

Yet, at the same time, Mary is Mother of Jesus Christ Who is Truth-personified, and so a further Gift of The Almighty to her is this reflection of The Son Who provides her with Truth.
And, being the Spouse of The Holy Spirit, the very Love of God, Mary is further gifted in her supreme capacity in sharing the Love of God.

We note, in these Gifts of God
to Mary,
that she is
in her recognition, acknowledgment
and appreciation
of God and His Kingdom.

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