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Musings 2011/261

And so, we being her children, her seed, who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ (Apocalypse 12:17) must imitate our Mother. We can only imitate her through recognising, acknowledging and appreciating her.
We perceive therefore that the people of The Era of peace, will be these children of Mary.

We further observe that
it is imperative
that the world give
fullest and proper devotion
to The Immaculate Conception
for this devotion
is the sign
of the new Era.
This devotion is ingrained
in the character
of each person
of the new Era.

It then stands to reason that, if we have this 'character' now, then we can be reasonably assured of being included with those who cross over to this Era of The Spirit.
But this 'character' is of even greater value, for those who embrace the most wonderful truth of The Immaculate Conception are also true disciples of Jesus Christ, true organs of His Mystical Body, The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church:- Catholicism.
The Church of Christ
And being intimate Members of Christ's Church, is a further pointer of predestination as regards the new Era of The Spirit.
Intimate Members of The Church are truly well suited to be Citizens of The Kingdom which will flourish in this Era.
the new heavens and the new earth MUST and WILL consist of citizens of The Kingdom--this is the whole idea of the Era of Peace:- to bring The Church to Her fulfilment as She has continually requested in the Our Father for 2,000 years.
That is to say, the citizens of the New Era will consist of the remnant:-
who keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
This remnant will be the solid foundation of The Kingdom, and all others who enter the Era will seek out this remnant (then the majority) and secure for themselves an everlasting share in its Life.
Joseph, Patriarch
As we observe the virtual destruction of fatherhood in this decadent era, a result of the virtual destruction of the glory of motherhood, we are moved to recall Joseph, Foster-father of Jesus, Spouse of The Virgin.
Joseph, in this most glorious role, leading the Holy Family, reflects The very Spirit of God--also the Spouse of The Virgin--

and, in acting as Power of God,
The Spirit brought forth
The Son of The Eternal-father
in the precious womb of The Virgin.

As I mentioned here before,

In this, The Spirit acted
on behalf of Joseph.

Therefore, if Joseph perfectly reflects The Eternal-spirit--and he does--

then the Era of The Spirit
must also be
the Era of Joseph.

We note, therefore, that the remnant must be truly devoted to Joseph for this will be an essential part of the character of the citizens of the New Era.
It seems to me that God would definitely have created a one-and-only creature in His Own total likeness, and I have previously suggested that the Archangel was that creature.

That is to say, three angelic persons
in one glorious being,
reflecting perfectly
The holy Trinity.

I have suggested previously, that the devil was the original Archangel--Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub; that this creature was so gloriously perfect that he rose up to take the place of God and enticed an army of Angels to support him in his rebellion.
Thus did the devil bring about evil, the army of evil and the ultimate place of evil, hell.
When Adam and Eve were created and placed in the Garden of Eden, I suggested that that was the temptation the devil could not resist and he took it upon himself to be god to these first humans.
He took the first step of deceiving them into disobedience to The Almighty, knowing, in himself, that this disobedience would be a permanent breach with The Almighty, a breach impossible to repair (he thought) and so he would have humanity at his mercy.
(Never suspecting that God would become a Man and thus create a Bridge from man to Divinity, on which all mankind may traverse.)
Now, if that be so, then, when the devil betrayed himself and his followers, God replaced him with the Archangel--Raphael, Gabriel and Michael--who remained loyal.

How wonderful and precious
to all creation
is Raphael, Gabriel and Michael!

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