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Musings 2012/262

The New Era (cont.)
The New Era of The Spirit issues from both the Era of The Father and that of The Son, in imitation of the Divine-existence, where The Spirit issues from The Father and The Son, He being the very Love between Father and Son.
Yet in another way, I would suggest, The new Era issues from the Era of The Son, in time and space, in that the New Jerusalem (the New Era) issues out of The Universal Church (the Era of The Son).
Indeed the New Jerusalem IS The Church.
This is preceded similarly, where The Era of The Son issues from the Era of The Father--The Church (the sign of The Son; His Mystical Body) issuing from The Immaculate Conception (the Sign of The Father), in time and space.
Thus The Church declares that Mary is The Mother of The Church; the Queen of The Church.
In this transition, we also note that The People of God advances from one Era to another: Israel, The Church, The New Jerusalem.
Everything according to The Will of God.
My father was not too happy with The Almighty because of the suffering in the world, especially the suffering of children.
He though he could do a better job with creation then The Almighty (well, not really, but one got this impression).
I always asked him what he, personally, would do to get rid of suffering which, I reminded him, mankind brought upon itself, from Adam onwards--we are all sinners.

I added that the only way
to get rid of suffering
would be to take freewill away
from the human race.

We never really came to an understanding on the matter of suffering.
However, it does seem a fact that, to remove suffering altogether, The Almighty would have to take away our freewill--turn us into robots.
(So obstinate are we in rebelling!)
Or perhaps, bring creation to an end.

And one thing is for sure,
we have brought suffering
upon ourselves.

God did not bring about suffering.
Yes, He allowed suffering to become a reality and some point the finger at Him for this, even to the point of preferring (they claim) that they would prefer to have not existed in the first place!!
Gift of Existence
The Gift of existence is a Gift beyond compare. To be, where previously, we were nothing.
Not only to have being, but to have a being with which The Almighty has destined a share in His Own Eternal-life!!!
To have a being that is capable of eternal delight, immortal joy!
I have already made the claim that, even in hell, the denizens cling to their existence, horrible as it is; even though as I suggested, such denizens are capable of choosing to cease to exist!!

What can compare
with the Gift of existence?

The value of the Gift of existence can be witnessed everywhere, everyday. The need for food--for procreation--for health--for survival.
All creatures have this extraordinary and desperate need to survive; to pass on existence; to preserve the species.
Even they realise what a stupendous Gift is:- the gift of Existence.
It is Godlike.
Lost value of human existence.
It is therefore a most incredible fact that the value of the Gift of existence seems to have been lost upon mankind in recent generations, where suicide has become a major problem, even in youth!

The value placed upon human life,
even by governments,
must be at an all time low
in all human history--
going by the massive numbers involved
in legalised abortion, euthanasia
and the approval of anti-family legislation!

Even so, it is not only the Gift of existence that is super-important, but the measure of the Gift is even more important.
That is, the Gift of human existence is far more important then that of an animal--a monkey, a whale, a snake.

And the greatest part
of the Gift of existence
in the human being,
is his freewill.

The one and only thing
that belongs to a human being,
is his choice
in what he does with his life.

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