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11-Aug-04.   Have I not given you my arms to comfort you? ...go
15-Aug-04.  Peace comes because the camel goes 
25-Aug-04.   Yes, I have laid my mantle, the mantle of The Immaculate Conception, upon your shoulders
3-Sep-04.   This love and enthusiasm you experience is a sign of The Spirit and of His Era
8-Sep-04.    Keep your heart fixed on The Spirit Who brings His Harmony...go
18-Sep-04    Yes, let our golden ship set sail...go
1-Oct-04    How grand will their wonder be at the beauty of The Universal Church...go
12-Oct-04  These are the marks of a child of mine....go
13-Oct-04  Yet He also proposes to perfect His Kingdom on earth
18-Oct-04.   persevere towards our goal which is the proclamation of my Triumph for Jesus Christ
20-Oct-04.  How I welcome your presence at Golgotha!
4-Nov-04  The world begins to waken, little son  ...go
12-Nov-2004  Do you not think you are able to delight The Holy Trinity?...go
16-Nov-04.  We have come a long way together, child of mine ...go
22-Nov-04. My children of The Immaculate Conception will be His glorious army. ...go
1-Dec-04. The Truth of The Universal Church, Light for the world  ...go
2-Dec-04. Rejoice little son for we are that much closer and Peace for the world comes swiftly.  ...go
8-Dec-04  Yes, I have the greatest army ever assembled upon the earth and my warriors are great warriors ...go
13-Dec-04.   How wondrous is The Church which holds the treasures of Truth, Love and Goodness ...go
The Father would bring back even the lost that have not been finally condemned ...go
His vibrant, perceived Presence will astonish an unbelieving world ...go
As a Catholic, adoring The Christ in The Sacrament of Love, The Eucharist, devoted to me and obedient to the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome ...go
18-Feb-05 - It is Truth fulfilled that is the catalyst of The Era of Love ...go
19-Feb-05.  Heart is grateful that we work together for the greater number of souls for The Christ ...go
Joseph is the same to us in our work and recognition of Joseph is absolutely important for the realisation of the fullness of the new Era of Peace ...go
Peace comes out of Goodness ...go
The hardest work has been done - the greatest battles have been won ...go
11-Apr-05. While the world recovers from the loss of its favourite son, the hearts of a great number will come into my embrace ...go
28-Apr-05.  And I, His little handmaid, can only imitate my God and my Creator  ...go
4-May-05.  Yes, it is for the sake of Truth that Truth-personified revealed Himself  ...go
13-May-05.   Do you not perceive John Paul the Great amongst them?  ...go
30-May-05.  for these three wonders of creation are to become recognised by all on earth  ...go
15-Jun-05    For yet you do not fully embrace The Peace of Jesus, The Christ   
No true child of mine will be lost to the evil one - not one   ...go
29-Jun-05.   The world now enters this Peace and fullness of The Era of Truth which opens the way to The Spirit.    ...go
18-Jul-07   This my favourite labour - bringing souls to Jesus and results from the great Gifts He has given to me.  ...go
25-Jul-05.    The more so does the world turn to The Church the more of its citizens will reach Eternal-life in Christ   ...go
28-Jul-05   Even now - yes, now - they feel this Presence coming upon the world  ...go
15-Aug-05.    Yes, Peace comes through them - that is to say, through The Catholic Church, suffering, triumphant and militant   ...go
26-Aug-05  Persevere along the road I set out for you for it leads to every treasure of Christ's Infinite Merits ...go
6-Sep-05. The Era of The Eucharist takes hold of all peoples.  ...go
19-Sep-05.   I wanted to 'say' to you - I love you. ...go
22-Sep-05.   Consider yourself a tiny issue from The Father - directly from The Father - wherein your dignity becomes so enormous before The Godhead  ...go
3-Oct-05.     In recognising The Works of The Father and The Son man will then recognise The Work of The Spirit  ...go
17-Oct-05    Yes, the great declaration comes upon the world which must pray as did Nineveh   ...go
27-Oct-05.  In spite of your continued faults and failings, God is moving all creation   ...go
2-Nov-05.    These Gifts of realisation and of consciousness are phenomenal Sharings of Divinity, Itself   ...go
14-Nov-05.   His Wisdom is Absolute-knowledge.   His Wisdom is Truth.  ...go
19-Nov-05.    His Mercy is for my children but woe, woe, woe to the children of evil - these latter will know The Justice of God   ...go
25-Nov-05   For my part little son, I forgive you and God also forgives you through the great Sacrament of Penance    ...go
4-Dec-05.    In this too, they feel defeat, for my Triumph for Jesus, already accomplished, makes it certain that souls are even taken from the clutches of evil    ...go
16-Dec-05.     Continue then, to seek Truth - The Truth that only The Church possesses in full as She is the pillar and foundation of The Truth that sets you free     ...go
30-Dec-05.   My children constitute The Living Creation on earth, The Church  ...go
11-Jan-06.   Their prayer is heard, for their prayer comes on the wings of sufferings and hopes  ...go
1-Feb-06   Let us adore The Christ Whose Triumph on The Cross is the ultimate Triumph from which evil is conquered   ...go
3-Feb-06.   In this way The Godhead is reflected in all creation, perfectly   ...go
17-Feb-06    Be patient for God does keep control and your efforts do have results, even though it would appear otherwise.    ...go
How grand is the Priesthood of Christ and the Sacraments dispensed thereby!    ...go
I said 'yes' to the Archangel on behalf of all creation   ...go
31-Mar-06.  The Eternal-father will, all the more - the longer you persevere - bring you greater

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